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Hey there Rock Stars!

Sarah Robbins here! I’m a former kindergarten teacher turned top network marketing leader! In my former profession, I would be in school today with my little kiddos, likely sitting in a circle, kicking off “Reading Month” in March! Since I no longer teach in a classroom, but still have the heart of a teacher–I thought we would kick off a “Story Series” here on the blog, each Monday in the month of March. After all, as network marketing professionals, we are paid story tellers!

Over the next few weeks I will teach you how to: craft a powerful product story that will make people want to learn more about your products; share your business story in a way that will make people want to learn more about joining your team; tell your company story in a packaged and professional way; and you’ll learn how to use social media to share your story, reach more people, and accelerate your results!…