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When you bless others, your life is blessed.

When you meet a need, your needs are met. 

Going to India changed our lives radically—we went in with great anticipation of how we could bless the children of India, and change lives….but I must say, they blessed us, and our lives are forever changed.

I recently heard someone say: “Character develops over time. Revelation develops in an instant.” We feel as though we spent the past 30 years “preparing” for this one trip, and that this one trip has changed our lives in an instant. We had some pretty major revelations during this trip, and I believe it was because we took a step of faith into our destiny, even when it wasn’t easy—we left during our busiest time in business (during a qualifying month for our company convention) and in our personal lives (preparing for the holiday), travel was long and exhausting (almost 2 days travel in, and 30 hours and 4 flights to get home), and this type of trip is very taxing on the body and your emotions.…