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I recently conquered my #1 fear=> my fear of heights! I went zip lining this weekend for 3 hours, via 9 lines. Each line brought a new level of confidence as the guide talked me through, encouraged me, and gave me new tips and skills before I tackled each. By the end, I had a new level of confidence! This made me think–imagine the real fears your team members may have–call reluctance, approaching a prospect…. YOU are their guide. If you work closely with them through each contact, offering encouragement, and tips before their initial calls, each call will come with more confidence.…

This week I celebrate my independence–FREEDOM from the Daily Grind & the 9-5!


You see, network marketing radically changed my life (in 5 years I went from being a shy kindergarten teacher to a leader of a multi-million dollar organization in my network marketing business!) If I can do it, anyone can! My story=> http://youtu.be/GFhQ-jgXpzE

Here’s what I love about Network Marketing=>


 FREEDOM & FLEXIBILITY-with Network Marketing you don’t trade hours for dollars, or your time for someone elses money. You can work this part time, any time!…

“To run fast, run by yourself. To run far, run with others” -African proverb

Currently, I lead tens of thousands of entrepreneurs myself, so I am often times asked to share my best leadership tips. I decided to put some thought behind my response, and share them all with you! Here  are my Top Ten “E’s” To Become an Empowering Entrepreneur:

1) Eighty-six the ego. In business there can be a lot of ego. We can also experience a lot of rejection. Humility is the ability to not be moved by flattery or by criticism. Remember- confidence and humility are not in conflict with each other, you CAN have BOTH at the same time!…


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Pinterest is one of the fastest growing social sites, and an excellent place to market your product or service!

Watch this brief 6 minute video on how to effectively use Pinterest to build your network marketing or direct sales business:

Hope this helps with some “Pin-spriration”!

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