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Record YOUR Network Marketing Story!


Hey there Rock Stars!

March is national reading month! As a former educator, turned top network marketing professional, I am passionate about storytelling! As network marketing professionals we are paid story tellers! So every Monday in March, I am going to give you FREE training on how to tell your story in a powerful, professional, and packaged way! In doing so, you will be able to attract more leaders to your business and/or product!  There will be special training on sharing your story via social media, recorded calls, videos, and much more! We will always end with a specific call to action/ challenge for you to complete, and to pass on to your team!

Today’s topic/ challenge is: Record Your Network Marketing Story (via an opportunity call!)

Watch today’s video first, then see below it for tips, and a special challenge to ROCK Week #2:

Tips for creating a rockin’ recorded opportunity call:

1. Stay Compliant: Be sure to adhere to your companies policies and procedures, and stay away from income and product claims that aren’t appropriate!

2. Open your call by welcoming people, and sharing your “short story”– you can get tips on last week’s blog!

3. Then transition into your “company story”–see if your company has a business presentation script to follow, and if not, create one using tips on last week’s blog! Keep it short and sweet (about 5 minutes).

4. Then close with a call to action–what should the prospect do next if they are interested in product, business or learning more?

5. Open up a conference line (I use! Record it! Share it!

*Bonus tip: if you’d like to create a graphic to go with your call, I use Rhonna (app on iTunes) or PicMonkey. I posted the one I did for my company yesterday on Instagram. We do ours live Sundays (and promote to our teams)…but we record them so it is always available! If you don’t have a reason to do them live, you can record them once, and keep it archived for your team to three-way their prospects in to listen–this way when the call drops they can say “What did you think? What questions do you have?”

You can post your recorded call on social media from time to time, write it on the back business cards for people to learn more, and share it with your team to pass on too!

It’s always a great idea to create libraries with these recorded calls for your team so they can share different stories!

Today’s VIDEO shares tips on recording your story, promoting it, and dialing people in too!


Open up a free conference line! Write out your story (see if your company or leadership has any scripts to follow!) Take a deep breath, and record it!

Then “Share” this with a rock star on your team and have them do the same! Rock on, rock stars! XO Sarah “Rockin” Robbins

“See you” next week where we talk about sharing your story via SOCIAL MEDIA!!! Can’t wait!