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Telling Your Story in Network Marketing


Hey there Rock Stars!

March is national reading month! As a former educator, turned top network marketing leader, I am passionate about storytelling! As you know, as network marketing professionals we are paid story tellers! So every Monday in March, I am going to give you FREE training on how to tell your story in a powerful, professional, and packaged way! In doing so, you will be able to attract more leaders for your business and/or product!  There will be special training on social media tips, recording calls, videos, and much more! We will always end with a specific call to action/ challenge for you to complete, and to pass on to your team!

Today’s topic is: Packaging Your Story (this is the baseline to help us get started!)

Watch today’s video first, then see below it for tips, and a special challenge to ROCK Week #1:

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There’s a saying in our profession: “facts tell, and stories sell”. We can share facts and figures about our business until we’re blue in the face, but something magical happens when people emotionally connect to our stories, and experiences.

When I work with a new distributor on creating their list, and who to share their business with, we also work on what to say. I do an exercise where I have them go through their phone, Facebook, and a memory jogger, and write down their list of names. I then have them star their top candidates, tell me who they are and why they chose them, and we brainstorm on a way to approach them. One of the most meaningful things we can do when prospecting, is share our personal story (sharing why we are reaching out, and more about our personal excitement for our new business!)

I believe that it’s really important that you take time to work with your team on developing their “personal business story”. Your story about how you found the business and what it is doing for you,  is something you can share at meetings, events, your business launch events, and on calls.

Here is a good format to help you create your story:

1)) Who are you? (Share your background, a little about you, what you do)

2) Why you were looking for opportunity?

3) How did you find your business? Why did you join?

4) What results have you seen/ hope to see?

5) What has excited you the most?

Save the best for last! What are you the most excited about accomplishing? Or if you’ve been in the business, what are your most exciting achievements? Make it meaningful—what will this business do for your family? Here’s an example of a business story:

“I was a teacher by trade, looking for extra income as my job stability was really suffering from the economy. My friend Kris introduced me to the business. What initially attracted me was the ability to supplement my income in part time hours, around the needs of my family and classroom. In very part time hours I have been able to supplement my teaching income. And with my growing business, I’m on track to match my teaching income by the end of the year. This business is providing me the security that our family needs, without having to worry about budget cuts.”

When prospects hear you share your story with conviction that will be what moves them to want to learn more, and find out how it can change their life too. Make sure you smile, exude energy and excitement, and don’t use wimpy words like “I hope” or “I wish”. Use strong statements like “with this business we are planning to….” I highly recommend working on your story as you begin making your calls to people on your list. Send it to your sponsor to review. Practice. Then you’ll be ready to roll.

When they express interest, you can share your COMPANY STORY with the “4 Ps’!”

Here they are the 4 P’s to share your company story:

1) Partnership –talk about the company you’ve joined & why it would be a great for your prospect. Don’t just share features of the company. Share benefits to your prospect, and why they would be a great fit!

2) Products –share your own results and the market potential for them (not ingredients).

3) Programs & Payplan- share what support will they get from you and the company. Share how the businesses model works and why network marketing works and how money is made. I don’t share numbers, etc. unless asked. Instead, share how the extra income and incentives could benefit their life).

4) Positioning and Timing-create the urgency as to why the time is now for them to join: “You couldn’t have picked a better time to hear about this…. We are now expanding in your market, and across the country! I’d love for you to take the lead as launch your area! You can also create urgency by sharing new product launches or promotions, and why the time is NOW!

I’ll add in a 5th P—be sure to talk about your prospects benefit and why this is a great opportunity for them! Help them to dream!

Today’s VIDEO shares how to “assume the sale” from there!


Package your story today–share it and practice it with your significant other, spouse, or sponsor! Then “Share” this with a rock star on your team and have them do the same! Rock on, rock stars! XO Sarah “Rockin” Robbins

“See you” next week!