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ROCK “Month-End Magic”!


How to ROCK “month-end” and make it truly magical…

Hey there rock stars,

Watch this quick 3-minute clip on my “3 A’s” for a few tips on how to “ASK” people to learn more over the next few days, how to speak in the “AFFIRMATIVE” and then “ASSUME” the sale! This will help you to rock your month end meetings! Then, read below the video for more info on how to make month-end truly magical, and finish the next few days STRONG=>

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5 Tips to Make “Month-End Magic” Happen=> 

1) Reach out to anyone who’s expressed an interest in the product:

“Earlier you mentioned interest in my products, and I am just following up to close out my month. Do you have a few minutes that I could give you a quick consultation and get you started on the product? You will love them!”

2) Reach out to anyone who’s expressed interest in the business:

“Earlier you mentioned you were interested in my business, and I am just following up. The next few months in our company are very exciting! Here is why NOW is the perfect time to join us…” (explain to them why “now is the perfect time to join us!”)

3) Run a Facebook campaign that ASKS for help and post it several times a day:  “Friends I am just X orders away from my making a big promotion with my company! How can you help? =>message me today to get a free product consultation!” (post some fabulous before-and-afters, testimonials, specials, press, or pictures!)

4) Sometimes freebies get people off the fence–that’s why department stores offer gifts with purchase, right?! Contact people who previously expressed interest in the product or business. Tell them you are running your own “month-end special” from now through Wednesday & offer a gift with purchase/sign up until the last day of the month!

5) Leverage 3-way calls or coffees with your sponsor to have them help close your prospects.

Remember, the FORTUNE is in the FOLLOW-UP! You have not, if you ask not!

Don’t forget—when talking to people, use the 3 “A’s”—ask them for a time to connect or follow up—speak in the affirmative when you chat (as referenced in the video above)—then assume the sale…. “since we are both on the phone and free, how about I take a few minutes to help get you started? All I need is your billing and shipping info and we can get you on your way!”

Happy month end! I hope it’s magical! 3 days left—make it count!

PS- pass this post on to your team so they can also make the most of the next 3 days!

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Rock on, Rock Stars! Sarah “Rockin” Robbins


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