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OBJECTIONS SERIES- “I don’t have $ to start a business!”



Handling Objections Series- Day 2

Today’s objection- “I don’t have $ to start a business!”

Yesterday’s blog addressed the objection “I don’t have time for a business!” In part 2 of the “Objection Series” we will address “I don’t have the money to get started!” (which is all the more reason to get started, right?!)

This is an objection I can personally relate to, as my husband and I were paying bills out of our quarter jar when I started my network marketing business–today we are six-figure MONTHLY earners (and the #1 earners in our company!)

Check out this clip for my thoughts on this common objection, then look below for language tips & solutions to help people get started, if cash may be a little tight=>

I don’t have the Money to get started

“I can appreciate that. Many people are in the same place because of the recent recession. Because money is tight, this is all the more reason to join us! What if I can teach you a simple way to make the money back with our bonuses, during your first month?” (*share your fast start bonuses…if they still cannot start, then share other ideas to save up for the startup costs: such as having a garage sale, selling gold, auctioning household items on ebay, or borrowing money).

(*Remember: facts tell, stories sell in this business! Share stories of how people got the funds, and earned them back with your company’s bonus programs or commission structure.)

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