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Objections Series- “I don’t want to bug my friends!”



Today’s objection- “If I get into network marketing, I don’t want to bug my friends!”

Yesterday’s blog addressed the objection “I don’t know anyone to share the business with!” In part 5 of the “Objection Series” we will address the objection “I don’t want to bug my friends!” Stay tuned to the blog this weekend–there are 2 more common objections to go (with one of the BIGGEST objections to come!!!)


I can totally relate to the objection “I don’t want to bug my friends!” I think we all can. Nobody wants to “bug their friends!” But that’s not what we do at all. Watch my video below for thoughts on this common objection (and then language under the video on how to overcome it!)

Don’t want to bug my friends or family

“Thank goodness! I don’t want you to bug your friends and family either! That is not what I do. I share what I’m doing & pick their brains to see if there’s anyone they know this would be great for.  I find what people have need of and then I try to fill that need whether it be with our product, or a need for extra income. I simply use a referral approach, asking them whom they know! Sometimes they identify themselves! We do that all the time—asking for referrals for babysitters, dry cleaners, etc!”

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