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Objections Series- “I need to try the products first!”



Today’s objection- “I need to try the products before I join you!”

Yesterday’s blog addressed the objection “I don’t want to bug my friends!” In part 6 of the “Objection Series” we will address the objection “I need to try the products first!”

This is a totally valid concern–and your prospect may decide to try the product first (which is why it’s always a good idea to revisit your prospects–who are often times your best “product ambassador”) and say: “How are you loving the product? I am not sure if I shared, but as a distributor of the products I get them at wholesale price and make money by referring them to others too. Can I share with your our distributor program to learn how you can get more discounts and benefits with the product and sharing them with others?”

In the video below I will share how one of my rock stars (a top earner in our company) got a great partner using this approach. Then read below the video for more language and ideas on handling this common objection.

I need to try the products first

If they are local, and I can get a product sample to them, I say, “here, try this now, and tell me what you think!” Or- tell them that their start up pack is a great way to sample all of your products at a great price, and they get to learn as they earn!

I would also say: “As you know our company has a proven track record of product success. This is a learn as you earn business. When you purchase your products as a consultant, you’ll get wholesale pricing. You’ll be able to try them all as you’re getting started, and all the while build a really great business! In the meantime the company provides incredible product testimonials and before-and-afters. Let me share those with you.”

Again, if they want to try the product first, be sure to follow up later with the language at the top of the blog, and referenced in the video!

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