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Network Marketing Objections Series- “Is this a pyramid?!”



Today’s objection- “Is this a pyramid?!”

Yesterday’s blog addressed the objection “I need to try the products first!” In part 7 of the “Objection Series” we will address the objection “Is this a pyramid?!!”

Let’s talk a little bit about network marketing (direct sales). In 2012 Network Marketing did over $167 Billion Dollars as an Industry, and we get to share in the profits! (Compare that to the NFL at $9.5 Billion, and the Movie Industry at $80 Billion!) The Direct Selling Association recently celebrated its 100 year anniversary, proving it to be a timeless and true business model.

Watch the video to hear my thoughts on this objection–then read the post below it for more information (and don’t forget to come back to my blog tomorrow for more on this series) =>

Is this a pyramid? (How many times do you think I heard this?!?!?!)

Actually, In the past 5 years I’ve only heard this objection once because of my belief and posture—it’s so strong that it’s not questionable. So if you’re getting this a lot be sure to connect with one of your leaders about personal and professional development materials that can increase your belief in yourself, our opportunity, and the profession as a whole (I share a lot about why Network Marketing ROCKS, in my best-selling book ROCK YOUR NETWORK MARKETING BUSINESS!)

If I got this objection I might say something funny like: “No. Why? Is that what you’re looking for? “ Or…

“What do you mean by Pyramid?” (Listen to their response)

Pyramids are illegal. With pyramids there is no exchange of goods or services. We have an amazing product and a very loyal customer base who are elated with their results! Let’s get back to talking about if the business is a good fit for you—what other questions do you have?” I move forward, and don’t get defensive.


After you’re done answering questions and handling objections, move on to the close– I would ask them if they have any final questions then say:

“On a scale from 1-10, how interested are you in the opportunity?” If they say 5 or higher, I would say: “what would make you a 10?” –this works very well, as it exposes their final objections that you can answer.Then, ask them to join you!

Remember: even if they say “no” now, delay is not denial. “No” doesn’t mean “no” forever, it just means “not right now”. Get them started on your products, and ask them who they know that would benefit from your opportunity and product. Then, revisit them at a later time.

You can SO do this! I’m proud of you Rock Stars! Go and ROCK your home business today! XO Sarah “Rockin” Robbins

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