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Leadership. What’s LOVE Got To Do With It?



On this first day of February, the month of LOVE…I’ve been thinking a lot about leadership, and the power of LOVE.

What’s LOVE Got To Do With It? LOVE Is Everything…

If you’ve been given INFLUENCE in any measure, you have a great responsibility. You may be the only example of LOVE and LIGHT that people see.

Is there someone in business that’s tested your patience? Has someone done something to grate your nerves? Has someone said something or come against you in a way that you feel the need to defend, and “get even”, or perhaps even call to other’s attention your innocence, and their “wrong doing”? I’ve encountered a few of these situations myself over the course of time, and I choose to walk in integrity, realizing how I respond determines the outcome and people’s perception of me.

Lead With Love–It Truly Conquers All… (and you come out on top!)

That person could be in your path as a test for YOU–what will YOU do? How will YOU respond?

In order to be trusted with more influence, God wants to see how you will respond to the FEW!

How we respond to the “littlest” situation can have the greatest impact in the lives of others, and in our own. If you desire increase, be faithful in the platform you’ve been given–and lead with LOVE in all things you do. Somewhere, someone is watching. Your influence is important.

Show me some “LOVE” 😉 And tell me your thoughts on leadership below…what do you look for in a great leader?

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Love YOU Rock Stars! XO


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