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This past month I was blessed to be celebrating TEN amazing years in our powerful profession–one that’s allowed us to LIVE more, GIVE more, and to LOVE our lives even more!

I started when I was a shy, young kindergarten teacher–with no network! I had no business experience! I humbly tell people–there is no other profession that would allow us to do what we did, earn what we have, give what we give, and live how we live (true time freedom!) We had 19 cents in our bank account when we started! Today we have a BILLION DOLLAR TEAM, and give generously to children’s education and nutrition programs here in the US, and abroad!

Where else can you invest so little with such high return? We truly feel blessed–not only by the life we live and legacy we leave, but also by the enriching relationships we’ve developed, and how we’ve grown personally and professionally!

To celebrate TEN amazing years we treated our top leaders to a fabulous retreat! Take a sneak peek as we share this special weekend with you…


We honored our top leaders who made the past TEN years joyful and fruitful! Was so fun to celebrate with most of them in sunny So Cal, for a great weekend at Pelican Hill, Forbes 5 star resort! These ladies (my “RFbffs” and top personal team power partners), and my mom were our invited guests of honor….

The weekend started with shopping, courtesy of my company who sends us on a luxury shopping spree or luxury trip each year (our choice)! It’s their way of saying thanks to us…I chose Chanel this year!

I got in a bit early to celebrate my MOM for my birthday, and to thank her for 35 years of love, and leadership in business and in life! She was my guest of honor for this weekend, and I loved getting to spoil HER like crazy! <3 Spa, shopping, surprises! She DESERVES it!!!

After that, we welcomed the lovely ladies…our leaders, and my “RFbffs”!

We rented private villas at Forbes 5 star resort (also voted Conde Nast #1 Resort in the US) the lovely Pelican Hill!

We kicked off the weekend on my birthday night! Loved celebrating 35 together…with champagne, cupcakes, & cooking class with a chef! CHEERS!

If you don’t honor your mom on your birthday you really should… She is the one who gave you life and it truly is her day to celebrate your birth…so I gave her a special gift at dinner…

I kept hearing my mom talk about this jewelry and decided to get it for her and gifted to her on my birthday and in honor of our 10 year #rodanniversary together…The necklace is called “kite” and it was to thank her for always lifting me up in business and in life. I had the ring inscribed RFX (*which is the name of the highest title in our company)– and in this case it was to commemorate Robbins and Fairless celebrating X (10 years) together and our power partnership in business!

I couldn’t have imagined celebrating in a more special way than with my best friend my mom, and all of my top leaders and friends! We had a fabulous time cooking together, and dining on the patio of their beautiful ocean view bungalow, via candlelight. It was truly dreamy (and delicious!)….

Our next day was spent Spa-lalalalaaaaaaaaing, and relaxing poolside in private cabanas we rented for the day!

We ended the day with margaritas with these mamacitas, at my FAVE restaurant in the world…Javiers!!

We started Saturday with Brunch and Brainstorming on the Beach! At our private beach cottage on Newport Coast!

Breakfast was catered by the famous #Beachcomber at a crazy cool venue! …About the venue: The Beaches Cottage, #13: Gorgeous ocean views and unparalleled views of Catalina Island make this charming location an ideal spot for intimate gatherings. This was the location set for the 1980’s movie, “Beaches.”☀️It can take years & waitlist to rent one!!!

Each gal was gifted a LV notebook to brainstorm over brunch!

These gals are no stranger to big business (as they built massive organizations–collectively doing over a BILLION dollars in sales last year)–so we are all shared “billion dollar ideas” over breakfast!…

Each gal shared a BILLION dollar idea for building BIG business (since each one has)! The winners at our “Breakfast and Brainstorming on the Beach!” & their prizes…

Our last night ended with a private dinner at Mastro’s and it was truly magical (and a lot of fun–there may have been a little dance party at the end)! We had a private room overlooking the ocean lit by candlelight and a beautiful fireplace.

We gifted each gal a palm tree necklace from Tiffany. Signifying their strength and a remembrance of our weekend together. Psalm 92:12 says “Good people will prosper like palm trees!”

May they prosper in every way!

Cheers, to many more FABULOUS, FUN years of friendship & entrepreneurship!

Love you ladies! XO, P+S

Here are more pictures of our leadership weekend! May they inspire you!

Click on a pic to view full size, and start the slideshow:

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The Power Of Your Words!

Watch this video, then read below for more tips:

If you want to grow in this area, and desire change in your life and business, I highly recommend THIS BOOK! 

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How do you respond when you are faced with challenges?

Do you tend to choose FAITH or FEAR?

Today’s talk will teach us how to be THANKFUL and GRATEFUL and set us up for the greatest BLESSING and BREAKTHROUGH in life and in leadership, even in the midst of a stormy season!

Check it out:

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Hey there rock stars! It’s month end–you know what that means? It’s time to make magic happen…it’s time to finish strong! Don’t underestimate the importance of a few more calls and follow ups!

Watch today’s FB Live teaching, then read below for a few more ideas on how you can close out your month, and finish strong!


5 Tips to Make “Month-End Magic” Happen=> 

1) Reach out to anyone who’s expressed an interest in the product:

“Earlier you mentioned interest in my products, and I am just following up to close out my month. Do you have a few minutes that I could give you a quick consultation and get you started on the product? You will love them!” You could share your month-end specials too “As a courtesy to you, I wanted to share with you the specials I am offering end of month!” 

2) Reach out to anyone who’s expressed interest in the business:

“Earlier you mentioned you were interested in my business, and I am just following up. The next few months in our company are very exciting! Here is why NOW is the perfect time to join us…” (explain to them why “now is the perfect time to join us!”) You could also share any end of month enrollment specials you, or the company, may be offering too! “As a courtesy to you, I wanted to reach out and share with you this month’s enrollment offer…”

3) Run a Facebook campaign that ASKS for help and post it several times a day:  “Friends I am just X orders away from my making a big promotion with my company! How can you help? =>message me today to get a free product consultation!” (post some fabulous before-and-afters, testimonials, specials, press, or pictures!)

4) Sometimes freebies get people off the fence–that’s why department stores offer gifts with purchase, right?! Contact people who previously expressed interest in the product or business. Tell them you are running your own “month-end special” from now through end of month & offer a gift with purchase/sign up until the last day of the month! “As a courtesy to you, I wanted to share with you a special end of month offer. Earlier you expressed interest in the business/ products…”

5) Leverage 3-way calls or coffees with your sponsor to have them help close your prospects. Leverage events, and even virtual events with your team!

Remember, the FORTUNE is in the FOLLOW-UP! You have not, if you ask not!

Don’t forget—when talking to people, use the 3 “A’s”—ASK them for a time to connect or follow up—speak in the AFFIRMATIVE when you chat—then ASSUME THE SALE…. “since we are both on the phone and free, how about I take a few minutes to help get you started? All I need is your billing and shipping info and we can get you on your way!”

Happy month end! I hope it’s magical! A few days left—make it count!

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The Root of Rejection- how to face the fear of rejection: “no”, quitting, and conflict!

When you can’t change people (their opinions, their perception, their rejection)….it’s time you change YOU!

Today’s blog talks about how to uproot the “root of rejection” in your life, so you can prosper to the fullest!

Check it out:


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Are you in LOVE? And what does #NetworkMarketing have to do with it?


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Hey there rock stars!

February is our shortest month–but today on my FB  business page, I launched a challenge that can help you make it your BIGGEST month in sales, yet! If you missed the live video, check it out, then read below for language and ideas to help you ROCK this challenge (and don’t forget to share it with your teams!)

The secret to success in our biz? Daily activity and consistency…over time! That is why I am issuing you the same “activity challenge” I gave to my rock stars this month (who are the #1 team in our company!) It’s simple steps–but when duplicated with your team, can create massive momentum this month!

Our Activity Challenge Consists of 3 Simple Steps:

  1. 200 reach outs! Make a list of 200 people you want to share your business with. Go through your phone and Facebook A-Z! Reach out to those 200 people this month! Expect “no!” If you offered 200 people any job, only 10% or less would take interest. If I asked a room full of 200 people who wants to be a teacher (my former profession), only a few raise their hands–it’s not personal rejection, it’s simply personal preference (and timing!) Guess what??? Less than that would take action! But if you keep asking, you’ll always find people to say “yes”! That’s why there is power in working through the numbers, and not taking “no” personally… 


    In addition to tracking their 200 reach outs, some people like to track their “NO’s” as it helps to take the emotion out of “NO” and shows how many it can take to get to a “YES”, reframing your mindset around the “no”. I encourage you to set a goal to get 100 No’s as you do your reach-outs (and track them too!) This way, you’ll have a more scientific approach and understanding of how many people you’ll talk to, and how many no’s you’ll get…before you get those fabulous yeses (and the reassurance that you will get them!) You’ll understand how much activity and effort it really takes to build a big business. I always say, “What we do is simple (the process). But it requires consistent activity and discipline each day to reach out to people, and follow up!”

    Here’s a chart to help you keep track of the 200 contacts & the “no’s”…

    CLICK HERE: Sarah Robbins Activity Challenge

    (BUT WAIT…WHAT DO I SAY???) I know you’re thinking it!  Keep it simple…message or call with the following sample language:“Happy New Year! Hope you and the family are doing well!” (personalize conversation based on something you see on their FB profile)…”I’m reaching out today for a reason. I’m sure you’ve seen me posting about my (new) business on Facebook. It’s actually rapidly growing in your area, which is why I’m reaching out…”

    “ I know you’ve built several successful businesses in __________(OR I know you’re well networked in the __________ area). I respect you. I was wondering if I could treat you to coffee (or a virtual coffee with a starbucks card and a chat on the phone), & share with you what I’m doing, and pick your brain on ideas of how to grow this there. I’d also like to see if you know people who you think may be interested. Just a few minutes is all I need, and I am always happy to return the favor for you in any way! Plus, it would be great to catch up!”

    The goal is to get them on the phone to share your “story” (your why) then the company “Story”, and tell them what you’re looking for…. or invite them to coffee or an upcoming event to learn more! When you do this, you have a captive audience…and who knows??? They may be interested, or tell you someone who may be!

  2. 3 events: Next, commit to host at least 3 events this month to help build your business with customers and partners. Keep them fun, and invite your team to plug in their perspective customers and distributors. Whether they are live events or virtual Facebook events, events are a great way to get new people interested and engaged, and to continue to build belief for your team!  (*training for events can be found when using the search feature on this site)! I recommend at least one of these be a Facebook event, to cater to your team and customers, and perspective team and customers that may be out of state! Set your dates now, and start inviting!


3. 1 Post Per Day!  Be active on social media…If you haven’t already, learn how to leverage social media, on my FREE 1-hour social media summit, which you can view click clicking HERE!  Commit to regular posting!

Well, there you have it….don’t overcomplicate this! Keep it simple, and get your team into this level of activity, and what will happen next will amaze you…


These simple steps are perfect for a FAST START, or FRESH START in February!

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3 Simple Tips To Finish Your Month STRONG!


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Watch today’s video, then read below it for defining questions to help you discover your purpose and create a plan to pursue your purpose:



I’m a teacher by trade and while I loved teaching, unfortunately due to the downturn of the economy I was facing the loss of my job. I decided to pursue extra income to supplement my teacher’s salary, and I began working a retail job on behalf of a successful skincare company.


I like to tell people that I was in the “right place, in God’s time” as our founders began looking for ways that they could expand their brand in today’s ‘social economy’. One day I got a call that would change my life; our company was leaving retail and going into direct sales. We were offered the opportunity to join them as independent consultants.


My husband and I needed the income, so I said “YES!” I started working my new business part-time, alongside of my full-time job. I became a student of our profession, and put a lot of time into my personal and professional growth. I worked very hard. I was able to retire from teaching, and shortly after that my school shut down due to lack of funding! (The time to look for a plan B is NOT when you need one!) 5 years later, by the age of 29-years old, I was a 7 figure earner in our company. My husband and I have since started several successful businesses, including a publishing company, and we both wrote best-selling books.

Sarah’s book

Phil’s book

Now we are not only are we able to LIVE more, but we can also GIVE more! I still have a passion for impacting children’s lives, so we build orphanages for children overseas, which provide them housing, education, nutrition, and support. We also fund children’s education programs here in the United States. In addition, we are also able to leave legacy to our 1-year-old son Gabriel, and teach him the importance of loving people, leading well, and the power of giving as he sees us walk out our “why”!


In addition to financial freedom, time freedom has been a big blessing as we don’t just give, we go! We love spending time traveling the world with those we touch. Pursuing your purpose allows you to have the time and resources to give to others, too!


Many are impressed by my story, but they don’t know the pressure I faced on the road that led to my purpose. Over the past ten years I faced feelings of disappointment, doubt, and have felt defeated at times. I have probably heard “no” more times than I’ve heard my name. I’ve faced every fear and rejection an entrepreneur can face. But I’ve always been clear on my “why”—why was I doing this? And “who” was I doing this for? When I face pressures in business or life, what keeps us going is the faces of the children we touch, including our own. I’m so very clear on my purpose. I am clear on why I do what I do, and who I am doing this for.


If people say “no” or quit—I’m not quitting. Because I wouldn’t quit on my own child and the life that I can create for him. I would never quit on those orphans, either. I believe other people’s blessings are tied to my obedience—in the choices I make, every single day.


Quitting is a choice. Too many people quit before they ever get started, because they aren’t really clear on why they started in the first place…


To be strong in your field, you must be very clear on your purpose.


There’s a great story in the Bible of Moses and the Israelite people. Moses was a leader who was chosen by God to lead the Israelite people out of slavery, and into their promised land. The Israelites were God’s chosen people. God himself showed the Israelite people their promised land. His plan was to bring them out of bondage, into a land flowing with milk and honey.


Eventually, the Egyptian people released the Israelites from slavery and they made their journey to the Promised Land. At times, the journey didn’t seem promising. Along the journey to their promise they faced pressures (I’m sure we can all relate). And each time the journey got tough, they would want to go back to “what was”. The trouble is “what was” was Egypt. Egypt wasn’t better, they were slaves! Egypt was just what they knew. It was comfortable. Have you ever gotten stuck in your comfort zone?


I remember facing challenges in my business, thinking, “It would’ve been easier being a teacher” because that is what I was used to. But was it really easier facing uncertainty with my job? Plus, teaching has its challenges too.


The Israelites, like many of us, continued to take two steps forward and one step back when the journey got tough. They would murmur and complain, often blaming their leader, and sometimes they blamed God! This caused their journey to take far longer than it should have (40 years, versus 40 days!) They continued to camp in the place of complacency. I love this quote by Michelle Myers, “Unrecognized complacency eventually develops into decline.”


Sadly, many of the Israelites didn’t make it to the promised land.


I wonder what would have happened in the Israelites chose to stay focused on the promise, versus the temporary moments of pressure?


I find it so hard to grasp why they Israelites continued to be disobedient, when they were shown the very promise that was ahead of them, if they simply continued to be faithful.


What if you were shown your “promise?”


Imagine this: You are given an opportunity to see into your future, and you are at the top of your game in your desired field; whether it be career, ministry, or business. You look into the future, and see that your success is guaranteed. You’re also shown the pressures that you will face along the journey. Would you be willing to accept the pressure to get to the promise?


You see, the problem many people have is they can’t see a clear picture of possibility that comes with perseverance. I believe we all have a great promise and plan for our lives, but the path to get there won’t come without pressure. It’s very important that we get clear on our purpose (“why” we do what we do), and what success in our chosen field will allow us to do.


Let me ask you a question: What would a life of limitless opportunity look like for you?


What would your life look like if you hit the pinnacle of success in your field? If time and money were no object, how would you live? Where would you give? How would you spend your time? What would a life of freedom mean to you, and to those you touch? If you can get clear on your purpose, then your field becomes a vehicle to help you pursue your promise.


When I started my business I was asked, Sarah, what is your why?”

I quickly replied to start a foundation for women and children that I would fully fund through my earnings.”

I was asked, how much will that cost?”

Millions,” I said, admittedly overwhelmed.

Thats the problem”, my mentor replied, “Your why is so big that at times it becomes a detractor versus a motivator. My advice: keep your long-term purpose in mind. But start small on the path toward your purpose. Take a portion of your check every month to do something nice for a family in need.”


Each month, I would take a portion of my check and do something nice for children, or a family in need. Now, instead of being driven by temporary disappointment, I was now driven my dream.


I started off building a handicap ramp for a child in need, then sending 5 children to fine arts camp. As my income grew, so did the impact I was able to have on others. This year we were able to open up two orphanages—one for boys, one for girls. We welcomed our first son into the world, and dedicated one of those homes in his name. I can’t wait for him to go, and meet all of his “brothers” and “sisters” someday. Imagine the legacy that we can leave him, and the lessons we can teach him!


I can tell you one thing for sure: the journey to the promise wasn’t always easy but it was so worth it. Now we can live more, give more, and we love our lives even more. Through our legacy we are able to help others do the same. There is nothing like seeing your reason “Why” in action!


Success is not about pursuing prosperity, it’s about pursuing purpose. Prosperity can follow purpose, as it certainly has for us! That is my wish for you too, that you would prosper: body, mind, spirit, and soul!


Don’t allow any temporary disappointment to steal your destiny. Passionately pursue your dream!


TO DO TODAY: Write out your purpose. Share it with your spouse/ significant other, sponsor/ accountability partner. Share this post with your team—when everyone is clear on their purpose, it makes the journey far more promising!