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How to make the MOST out of company conventions and events…

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  1. Plug in: If your company has a live event option or virtual option to attend, GO! It’s the best investment you will make in your future, as it is THE company-wide training event of the year! I call it “School” for network marketing! This is where you get stellar training, build great relationships, and also experience all of the new exciting launches as they happen!
  2. Promote it: After you’re signed up promote the event to your team! It’s not enough to just give dates and times…share testimonials of other leaders whose lives and businesses were changed by the company event. It’s not just about sharing “features”, it’s about sharing “benefits” too!
  3. Plan post-convention events: Fill your calendar FULL of meetings and events in the weeks and months after convention to  share all of the exciting new things that your company will have just launched! (It’s the perfect time to relaunch your business–EVERYONE should have an event or two or a few scheduled post-convention!!!) Start inviting now! Are you a leader??? Have your big team post convention biz opp/ team training planned to capture the post convention excitement for your teams.Don’t miss your chance to leverage the excitement, announcements, and momentum that comes after a big convention!
  4. Position yourself for post-convention momentum:Build big NOW (don’t wait until after!) The more consultants who join you who leverage the training and launches at convention, the greater your post-convention “POP” (momentum). The more preferred customers who join you now whom you can have experience new product launches, the better! Let everyone know you are their “go to gal” or “go to guy” for the product when it is announced! (Create intrigue now!)
  5. PREP (*bonus tip): Find out the company dress code prior to the event and plan accordingly. Typically in conventions there is a LOT of walking, so I always pack a comfy pair of flats or flip flops to get me to my destination (yes, convention goers will always find me carrying my heels around!)Bring a camera or smart phone to document the event as it’s happening on your social media sites (it’s a great way to allow your Facebook friends to see how much FUN and excitement is happening in the company!)Protein bars/healthy snacks and water are a must! Be sure to bring notepads and pens! Make sure to take advantage of the FABULOUS product discounts you’ll often get for attending (*which can be for your use/for demo at your events post-convention/displays/giveaways/ gifts with enrollment or purchase, etc).Be sure to attend every event! There will be special things announced, launched, and taught at every scheduled session. You are here, you’ve invested in your future, so do not miss one! If you’re not going to be there live, be sure you are watching the live stream with your team!SUGGESTED (bonus tip): host a virtual viewing weekend together with your team, if you’re plugging in via virtual.

During the Event:

  1. Prospect: Remember the “5 a day” rule!
    When in (state) focus on building a business there! Talk to 5 people a day- in the hotel, convention center, on your way to events, at restaurants, etc! Airplane ex: “What are you traveling to Las Vegas for?” Naturally they will ask you! Hotel ex: “How have all of our beautiful gals been treating you? Seems we’ve taken over the hotel! Did anyone tell you why we are here!” Also, meet 5 new consultants a day! Relationships within the company become valuable as you build your business in different states. Share best practices, ideas, excitement, and friendship! Find power partners and new friends! *Bring samples and business cards to share while prospecting!
  2. Post online: What attracts many people to our business are the fun and friendships formed! So don’t forget to post a lot of pictures and video on social media, showcasing the experiences during convention, as well as the excitement!
  3. Plan traditions with your team:”Inclusion” is key! Should your team wear special T-shirts? Bring colored pom-poms? Wear fun buttons? I ask my team to wear an orange ribbon (any orange ribbon) tied or pinned to their name tag…so I can find them, and they can find one another. This allows me to handshake, hug, or high five them and THANK THEM when I see them (our team is over 200,000 strong!) Other ideas: leadership dinners (I am hosting an unforgettable night for my direct leaders) and team toasts (I am hosting one in my suite to kick off convention, for my entire personal team). If in the morning, how about a “Muffins and Mimosas” in your room, or a “Coffee and Conversations?” Many do this in a hotel room, at a meeting place in the hotel, etc. These events don’t have to be expensive, but the results are priceless as it allows you to recognize your rock stars, and for the team to connect with one another, outside of the BIG event!


  1. Prep for your events: Fill your calendar FULL of shows or parties, meetings and events! You will want to have plenty of opportunities to announce everything that’s coming, to your customers, prospects, friends and family!
  2. Prospecting follow-up: “If ever there’s a time to join us, the time is now! Here’s why…” This should be a message you are sending to every potential customer or potential consultant post-event…even if you’ve talked to them before, and the timing wasn’t right! Revisit everyone on your list; tell them why NOW is the perfect time to join!
  3. Promote what’s new and exciting: Share the products with all of your PCs, friends, and family! Share the new promotions with your prospects!Get out an email to everyone in your database sharing the new products, promotions, and programs! Leverage social media too! And be sure to share any exciting new offerings on your customer Facebook groups too!

Whatever you’re dreaming, dream BIGGER! These events have the potential to ROCK your network marketing business! Be sure you’re there…those who SHOW UP, GO UP! Leaders (and aspiring leaders) NEVER miss a company convention or event!

What other tips have I missed? Share them below (without mention of company name please)!

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Who is Sarah Robbins? The #1 earner in her company and one of the world’s leading network marketing distributors. She is also the author of the best-selling book ROCK YOUR NETWORK MARKETING BUSINESS that you can find here.

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Curious on how to do Facebook events effectively in network marketing? Look no further! Today’s training will teach you  how to ROCK your network marketing business leveraging Facebook Events!


Watch this video, then look below for additional tips and challenges:

TIPS on Facebook events…


These FUN events will be online on a FB events page (convenient for those you invite) and a perfect opportunity for people to hear more about your company from the comfort of their home. Talk briefly about the products, the business, share incredible success stories, and do giveaways too! Share like you would at a home event, but this time via live video on Facebook, leveraging FB live, in your events (on your iPhone or iPad).
Teach your team who to invite, how to invite, the importance of follow up, and to be on the event to welcome guests and monitor their questions and comments.We encourage interaction during the event and ask our team to post comments and testimonials throughout.
PERSONALLY invite people using Instant Message or send by text message, with the event details. DO NOT (I repeat) do not mass add people–it’s spamming and feels yucky! If you add them to the event, be sure it comes with a personal message/invitation. When you personally message them to invite them for best results, they will truly feel invited, and not “spammed”.
Here is some suggested invitation language for a Virtual Facebook Event, along with images of your event/prizes, etc.
Private message to personally invite and get the best response….
You are invited! Put your jammies on, login and get ready for a fast-paced, fun, online Facebook event that takes place right in front of your computer, to help you see what the buzz about (Your co name) is all about! It’s going to be fun, informative, and interactive. We will be giving away designer prizes too!
I have a few limited spots available and I’m hoping you’d like to drop in, no purchase necessary! Please private message me if you’re interested and I’ll send you the event link via Facebook.

Message me for more info and your personal invitation

=>IF THEY SAY YES OR INQUIRE….send a quick thank you and say something like: “Awesome! I’ll add you to the “name of event page.” You’ll find it under your events tab on Facebook. All you have to do is accept by clicking “going” in order to participate… I’ll IM you to remind you on the day of the event.”


Learn more about our award-winning products and opportunity from the comfort of your home! Have a chance to win designer goodies from Kendra Scott, Kate Spade, and Tory Burch, no purchase necessary!
*Once you are added to the page and you accept the invitation by clicking “going”, you can then add your guests by clicking “invite” and adding them  (they will have to “accept” the invite by clicking “going” to be officially added, and to view the presentation when it goes LIVE!) That’s why a personal invite is necessary so they know they’ve been invited and what to do….verses you just mass adding people (which just doesn’t work!!!)

*When you’re ready to start the event, click “go live” from your phone or iPad, inside of the event! Present as you would in-person, but behind your screen! I suggest setting up a “test page” or “dummy page” beforehand to practice before your actual event on the event page!
*Encourage your team to come with a guest and make it worth the time, and use this event to build their business! This can be a customer, a perspective customer or perspective consultant.
*REMINDER: INSTANT MESSAGE On the morning of the event.
* Have them “refresh” their screen when the event begins so they see the “live” video. Be available by text if they have troubles. But bottom line, if they don’t “See” you at the  start time, tell them be sure they accepted the invite, and they refreshed their page! ☺
*The goal is: you show your team how to host these, and then duplicate these events regularly! FB live is like a virtual business launch event…I just do a business launch behind my iphone or ipad, go to the event, and I go “live” using FB live to present for you! ☺ I’m like Vannah White, holding up the products behind my screen! You and your guests can watch from any computer, tablet, or smart phone!
*Idea for your your team to tune in… Hold a virtual viewing party at your house or a local place! Invite your friends to watch from your home with you! Serve refreshments! And have fun sampling the products live for them as we go through them, and stream in on your computer!
*I encourage you to answer questions when you see them posted and to be encouraging (IF you know the answer), share your results or customer results with each product showcased. Be positive. Save your questions for training times, as this is an opportunity for guests to learn more and ask questions, not a training!


Hope this helps YOU rock your network marketing business via Facebook events!

Post below with your comments or questions (no company names please) I will try to get to them all asap!

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Social Media Marketing For Network Marketing- How To Share Your Story Online

Hey there Rock Stars!

March is national reading month! As a former educator, turned top network marketing professional, I am passionate about storytelling! As network marketing professionals we are paid story tellers! So every Monday in March, I am going to give you FREE training on how to tell your story in a powerful, professional, and packaged way! In doing so, you will be able to attract more leaders to your business and/or product!  There will be special training on sharing your story via social media, recorded calls, videos, and much more! We will always end with a specific call to action/ challenge for you to complete, and to pass on to your team!

Today’s topic/ challenge is: Share Your Story on Social Media! Continue reading

Hey there Rock Stars!

March is national reading month! As a former educator, turned top network marketing professional, I am passionate about storytelling! As network marketing professionals we are paid story tellers! So every Monday in March, I am going to give you FREE training on how to tell your story in a powerful, professional, and packaged way! In doing so, you will be able to attract more leaders to your business and/or product!  There will be special training on sharing your story via social media, recorded calls, videos, and much more! We will always end with a specific call to action/ challenge for you to complete, and to pass on to your team!

Today’s topic/ challenge is: Record Your Network Marketing Story (via an opportunity call!)

Watch today’s video first, then see below it for tips, and a special challenge to ROCK Week #2:

Tips for creating a rockin’ recorded opportunity call:

1. Stay Compliant: Be sure to adhere to your companies policies and procedures, and stay away from income and product claims that aren’t appropriate!

2. Open your call by welcoming people, and sharing your “short story”– you can get tips on last week’s blog!

3. Then transition into your “company story”–see if your company has a business presentation script to follow, and if not, create one using tips on last week’s blog! Keep it short and sweet (about 5 minutes).

4. Then close with a call to action–what should the prospect do next if they are interested in product, business or learning more?

5. Open up a conference line (I use! Record it! Share it!

*Bonus tip: if you’d like to create a graphic to go with your call, I use Rhonna (app on iTunes) or PicMonkey. I posted the one I did for my company yesterday on Instagram. We do ours live Sundays (and promote to our teams)…but we record them so it is always available! If you don’t have a reason to do them live, you can record them once, and keep it archived for your team to three-way their prospects in to listen–this way when the call drops they can say “What did you think? What questions do you have?”

You can post your recorded call on social media from time to time, write it on the back business cards for people to learn more, and share it with your team to pass on too!

It’s always a great idea to create libraries with these recorded calls for your team so they can share different stories!

Today’s VIDEO shares tips on recording your story, promoting it, and dialing people in too!


Open up a free conference line! Write out your story (see if your company or leadership has any scripts to follow!) Take a deep breath, and record it!

Then “Share” this with a rock star on your team and have them do the same! Rock on, rock stars! XO Sarah “Rockin” Robbins

“See you” next week where we talk about sharing your story via SOCIAL MEDIA!!! Can’t wait!

Hey there Rock Stars!

March is national reading month! As a former educator, turned top network marketing leader, I am passionate about storytelling! As you know, as network marketing professionals we are paid story tellers! So every Monday in March, I am going to give you FREE training on how to tell your story in a powerful, professional, and packaged way! In doing so, you will be able to attract more leaders for your business and/or product!  There will be special training on social media tips, recording calls, videos, and much more! We will always end with a specific call to action/ challenge for you to complete, and to pass on to your team!

Today’s topic is: Packaging Your Story (this is the baseline to help us get started!)

Watch today’s video first, then see below it for tips, and a special challenge to ROCK Week #1:

There’s a saying in our profession: “facts tell, and stories sell”. We can share facts and figures about our business until we’re blue in the face, but something magical happens when people emotionally connect to our stories, and experiences.

When I work with a new distributor on creating their list, and who to share their business with, we also work on what to say. I do an exercise where I have them go through their phone, Facebook, and a memory jogger, and write down their list of names. I then have them star their top candidates, tell me who they are and why they chose them, and we brainstorm on a way to approach them. One of the most meaningful things we can do when prospecting, is share our personal story (sharing why we are reaching out, and more about our personal excitement for our new business!)

I believe that it’s really important that you take time to work with your team on developing their “personal business story”. Your story about how you found the business and what it is doing for you,  is something you can share at meetings, events, your business launch events, and on calls.

Here is a good format to help you create your story:

1)) Who are you? (Share your background, a little about you, what you do)

2) Why you were looking for opportunity?

3) How did you find your business? Why did you join?

4) What results have you seen/ hope to see?

5) What has excited you the most?

Save the best for last! What are you the most excited about accomplishing? Or if you’ve been in the business, what are your most exciting achievements? Make it meaningful—what will this business do for your family? Here’s an example of a business story:

“I was a teacher by trade, looking for extra income as my job stability was really suffering from the economy. My friend Kris introduced me to the business. What initially attracted me was the ability to supplement my income in part time hours, around the needs of my family and classroom. In very part time hours I have been able to supplement my teaching income. And with my growing business, I’m on track to match my teaching income by the end of the year. This business is providing me the security that our family needs, without having to worry about budget cuts.”

When prospects hear you share your story with conviction that will be what moves them to want to learn more, and find out how it can change their life too. Make sure you smile, exude energy and excitement, and don’t use wimpy words like “I hope” or “I wish”. Use strong statements like “with this business we are planning to….” I highly recommend working on your story as you begin making your calls to people on your list. Send it to your sponsor to review. Practice. Then you’ll be ready to roll.

When they express interest, you can share your COMPANY STORY with the “4 Ps’!”

Here they are the 4 P’s to share your company story:

1) Partnership –talk about the company you’ve joined & why it would be a great for your prospect. Don’t just share features of the company. Share benefits to your prospect, and why they would be a great fit!

2) Products –share your own results and the market potential for them (not ingredients).

3) Programs & Payplan- share what support will they get from you and the company. Share how the businesses model works and why network marketing works and how money is made. I don’t share numbers, etc. unless asked. Instead, share how the extra income and incentives could benefit their life).

4) Positioning and Timing-create the urgency as to why the time is now for them to join: “You couldn’t have picked a better time to hear about this…. We are now expanding in your market, and across the country! I’d love for you to take the lead as launch your area! You can also create urgency by sharing new product launches or promotions, and why the time is NOW!

I’ll add in a 5th P—be sure to talk about your prospects benefit and why this is a great opportunity for them! Help them to dream!

Today’s VIDEO shares how to “assume the sale” from there!


Package your story today–share it and practice it with your significant other, spouse, or sponsor! Then “Share” this with a rock star on your team and have them do the same! Rock on, rock stars! XO Sarah “Rockin” Robbins

“See you” next week!

Are You In Love?

I know I am! What a blessing it is to walk out our reason “why” and do what we LOVE every single day! That’s what gets us so excited!!! I was looking back in messages, and found this little gem! I LOVE network marketing!! Enjoy…



Are You In LOVE???
Who is a good candidate for joining you in this business?
We say, “someone who is a people-person”. Yet we’ve seen people who are bona fide people-people, and don’t go far in this business. And people who have gone far in this business, yet who are not especially people-people.

We say, “Look for people who have influence in their community”. But the same caveat applies: the correlation often fails to hold.

We say, “Look for people with whom you share a common bond”. Hmm, I have close friends who are not interested in joining my business.

So when you go prospecting, who are you really looking for? I think you’re looking for someone who falls in LOVE. How do you know? There are three signs to look for:

1. They see it.
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so is this opportunity. You can’t make someone see the value this business model has to offer. You can show it and explain it, but that only goes so far. They see it, or they don’t. There’s an expression in network marketing: “You can’t say the right thing to the wrong person, or the wrong thing to the right person”. This is true in friendship, in courtship, and in this business.

2. They want it.
We like to say, “Anyone can succeed in this business”, but that’s not accurate. Who can succeed here is anyone who wants to, and a lot of people don’t. This business is not for everyone. For one thing, it’s work (*that eliminates a lot of people right there.) It also requires resiliance in the face of repeated disappointment, a willingness and capacity to work in partnerships with others, and faith in human nature. Most of all, it requires a compelling interest in succeeding at this business that borders on passion. This often has nothing to do with the candidates financial status. It’s not something you can predict or predefine; it’s an individual matter.

3. They DO it.
This last should be obvious, but evidence suggests it’s not, because I keep seeing leaders and aspiring leaders in this business who persistently chase after, attempt to work with, struggle to figure out how to offer the right support to, and pin hopes upon people in their networks who are clearly not doing it. There are people who see it and want it, but just won’t do it. Puzzling, I know…but there it is. What’s missing? They’re not in love.

You can’t make them SEE it, WANT it, nor DO it. You can’t make someone FALL IN LOVE.

And when they do…watch out…because nothing will stop them!

-John David Mann

Are you IN LOVE???? I know I am!

Because of my unshakable belief I was able to begin in network marketing as a shy kindergarten teacher with no network–and because of my love and passion for our powerful profession, was able to establish a 6-figure MONTHLY income by the age of 29, and was recently named our company’s FIRST 10 Million Dollar Circle Achiever– If I can do it, so can YOU!

Fall in LOVE with your business–and then you’ll be unstoppable too!

PS- To show you LOVE this Valentine’s month, we extended our holiday “Rock Star Recruiting School Combo” where you can get both of my training CDs at a highly discounted price, and when you purchase the pack you get my best selling book for FREE! Check it out by clicking here! 

Leave a little “love” for your team (mail them a little Valentine’s treat!) Pick up Rock Your Network Marketing Business (write a note inside saying “you rock!”) You can pick it up on my site, or amazon.

PSS- I’d love to hear what YOU love most about network marketing!!! Please post below (without sharing your company name please!!! Let’s keep this post generic for all companies!)


Sarah “Rockin” Robbins

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Who is Sarah Robbins? The #1 earner in her company and one of the world’s leading network marketing distributors. She is also the author of the best-selling book ROCK YOUR NETWORK MARKETING BUSINESS that you can purchase here.

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On the 12th Day of Christmas my true love (Mr. “Rockin Robbins”) gave to me…little baby Gabriel!


Meet Gabriel David Robbins–Born on the Epiphany (the 12th day of Christmas!) 1-6-16!

…our Christmas angel….due on Christmas, but who decided to show up fashionably late (like his momma) on the 12th day of Christmas!


We truly had the most amazing pregnancy, and the most incredible labor. If you read my recent posts on our new lifestyle blog (TheRobbinsNest.Com) ,you now that is exactly what we prayed for! After 5 minutes of pushing (ladies, don’t hate me)…we welcomed our angel into the world! We are finally home now…P+S+ baby G= Robbins Party of 3 (finally!)

Little Gabriel is loving his new home (as you can see from the pictures below)…he is quite the happy baby!

It was so incredible to be welcomed back home to incredible meals, flowers, and fabulous messages from friends and family who prayed for our little miracle.

I feel especially grateful for these bouquets (seen below)…not just because they are beautiful, but because of what they mean. Let me tell you why…

Bringing Home Baby Gabriel

I’ll never have to miss a baby smile…

I’ve been married for almost 12 years…and we waited a very long time for our precious angel, our firstborn son. He is the result of an answered prayer–a promise from God. We prayed for him for a very long time. We were so blessed to find out on my birthday that I was pregnant, and that he was due on Christmas day! Everything worked out so perfectly–we even found out he would be a boy on our anniversary day (the exact day we were allowed to find out!)

We prayed for the most perfect pregnancy (and it was). We prayed for a speedy and safe delivery (and it was!) With all of the excitement, we didn’t get an ounce of sleep since labor started last Monday, so it was nice to be welcomed home to these beautiful bouquets, and a really special phone call…

The beauty of our business…

As I walked into our home, with my beautiful boy in my arms….I stepped in to find the most gorgeous bouquets of flowers I had ever seen. Many from friends and family…and 2 from our corporate team in my network marketing company…one bouquet from our CEO and President, and the other from our executive team.

It is so awesome to be a part of a profession that recognizes us well, and celebrates us well! These flowers were so special to me because they reminded me of our journey–they allowed me to reflect on how thankful I am that I don’t have to take a maternity leave, and instead I get to celebrate every little smile…

I started my home-based business part-time 8 years ago, so I could do for my family what I did for so many others as a kindergarten teacher. Since then,  it has been more than a blessing to us– providing us the time and resources for both Phil and I to be home with our son and allow us to retire…but also for us to give our time and resources to children in need all around the globe– in fact, a few short weeks ago, we opened up a brand new orphanage in Gabriel’s name. You can see the dedication below. This is the second we opened (the first was last December for 117 boys in India), which you can see here. 

As I was marvel at the beauty of these gifts, I find myself marveling at the meaning behind them…

More than the money…

The moment I stepped inside my home returning from the hospital, I got a phone call from our Chairman and founder, congratulating me on becoming a mom…and also congratulating me on becoming our company’s very first “10 million dollar circle achiever”! I was humbled and grateful…and while the accolades are nice, what is truly marvelous is how this business has allowed us to LIVE MORE and be home with our baby, and never miss our baby smile. And also how we are able to GIVE MORE–as we are able to give our time and resources to children in need, so we can make these precious babies smile…

Here’s a link to our 100 child home for boys which was built last year, and our feature on CBS, which we shared on our new lifestyle blog, TheRobbinsNest.Com! CLICK HERE to check it out!

That is the beauty of what we do–it is a vehicle to live a life we truly love, and help others do the same!

What is YOUR “Why”? WHY are you here on this earth? What is your purpose and plan?

If there is one thing I wish for each of you–is that you define your “why”(or revisit your “why” this year)… and passionately pursue your dreams! There is nothing like seeing your reason “WHY” in action! You deserve to LIVE more, GIVE more, and LOVE your life so much more–that is my wish for you!

Thank you all for your warm wishes celebrating baby G, and 10 “MDC”! (<=to be really honest, this little boy has rocked my world…the accolades don’t matter at all..what matters most is how much more we can give….to our family, and to those we are able to bless. My family IS my greatest accomplishment!)

My greatest accomplishment? HIM. My greatest accolade? MOM.

He’s one week old today, and my life is FOREVER changed.

We are thankful and grateful. Thanks for allowing us to share our JOY with you!

Phil, Sarah, and baby G!

(*more baby pics and posts to come on TheRobbinsNest.Com, if you’d like to follow us over there too! I’m one proud mama!)

Rock Stars,

During this week of giving “Thanks”, we want you to know how THANKFUL we are for the rock stars who plug into our training and support our community of empowered entrepreneurs! You truly do…ROCK!

Because of your support (and this powerful profession) as we are giving birth to our firstborn this December, we are able to open up an orphanage in India on the property neighboring the little boy’s home we built last December! That’s the power of our profession. There is nothing like seeing your reason “WHY” in action!
Continue reading