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Watch today’s video, then read below it for defining questions to help you discover your purpose and create a plan to pursue your purpose:



I’m a teacher by trade and while I loved teaching, unfortunately due to the downturn of the economy I was facing the loss of my job. I decided to pursue extra income to supplement my teacher’s salary, and I began working a retail job on behalf of a successful skincare company.


I like to tell people that I was in the “right place, in God’s time” as our founders began looking for ways that they could expand their brand in today’s ‘social economy’. One day I got a call that would change my life; our company was leaving retail and going into direct sales. We were offered the opportunity to join them as independent consultants.


My husband and I needed the income, so I said “YES!” I started working my new business part-time, alongside of my full-time job. I became a student of our profession, and put a lot of time into my personal and professional growth. I worked very hard. I was able to retire from teaching, and shortly after that my school shut down due to lack of funding! (The time to look for a plan B is NOT when you need one!) 5 years later, by the age of 29-years old, I was a 7 figure earner in our company. My husband and I have since started several successful businesses, including a publishing company, and we both wrote best-selling books.

Sarah’s book

Phil’s book

Now we are not only are we able to LIVE more, but we can also GIVE more! I still have a passion for impacting children’s lives, so we build orphanages for children overseas, which provide them housing, education, nutrition, and support. We also fund children’s education programs here in the United States. In addition, we are also able to leave legacy to our 1-year-old son Gabriel, and teach him the importance of loving people, leading well, and the power of giving as he sees us walk out our “why”!


In addition to financial freedom, time freedom has been a big blessing as we don’t just give, we go! We love spending time traveling the world with those we touch. Pursuing your purpose allows you to have the time and resources to give to others, too!


Many are impressed by my story, but they don’t know the pressure I faced on the road that led to my purpose. Over the past ten years I faced feelings of disappointment, doubt, and have felt defeated at times. I have probably heard “no” more times than I’ve heard my name. I’ve faced every fear and rejection an entrepreneur can face. But I’ve always been clear on my “why”—why was I doing this? And “who” was I doing this for? When I face pressures in business or life, what keeps us going is the faces of the children we touch, including our own. I’m so very clear on my purpose. I am clear on why I do what I do, and who I am doing this for.


If people say “no” or quit—I’m not quitting. Because I wouldn’t quit on my own child and the life that I can create for him. I would never quit on those orphans, either. I believe other people’s blessings are tied to my obedience—in the choices I make, every single day.


Quitting is a choice. Too many people quit before they ever get started, because they aren’t really clear on why they started in the first place…


To be strong in your field, you must be very clear on your purpose.


There’s a great story in the Bible of Moses and the Israelite people. Moses was a leader who was chosen by God to lead the Israelite people out of slavery, and into their promised land. The Israelites were God’s chosen people. God himself showed the Israelite people their promised land. His plan was to bring them out of bondage, into a land flowing with milk and honey.


Eventually, the Egyptian people released the Israelites from slavery and they made their journey to the Promised Land. At times, the journey didn’t seem promising. Along the journey to their promise they faced pressures (I’m sure we can all relate). And each time the journey got tough, they would want to go back to “what was”. The trouble is “what was” was Egypt. Egypt wasn’t better, they were slaves! Egypt was just what they knew. It was comfortable. Have you ever gotten stuck in your comfort zone?


I remember facing challenges in my business, thinking, “It would’ve been easier being a teacher” because that is what I was used to. But was it really easier facing uncertainty with my job? Plus, teaching has its challenges too.


The Israelites, like many of us, continued to take two steps forward and one step back when the journey got tough. They would murmur and complain, often blaming their leader, and sometimes they blamed God! This caused their journey to take far longer than it should have (40 years, versus 40 days!) They continued to camp in the place of complacency. I love this quote by Michelle Myers, “Unrecognized complacency eventually develops into decline.”


Sadly, many of the Israelites didn’t make it to the promised land.


I wonder what would have happened in the Israelites chose to stay focused on the promise, versus the temporary moments of pressure?


I find it so hard to grasp why they Israelites continued to be disobedient, when they were shown the very promise that was ahead of them, if they simply continued to be faithful.


What if you were shown your “promise?”


Imagine this: You are given an opportunity to see into your future, and you are at the top of your game in your desired field; whether it be career, ministry, or business. You look into the future, and see that your success is guaranteed. You’re also shown the pressures that you will face along the journey. Would you be willing to accept the pressure to get to the promise?


You see, the problem many people have is they can’t see a clear picture of possibility that comes with perseverance. I believe we all have a great promise and plan for our lives, but the path to get there won’t come without pressure. It’s very important that we get clear on our purpose (“why” we do what we do), and what success in our chosen field will allow us to do.


Let me ask you a question: What would a life of limitless opportunity look like for you?


What would your life look like if you hit the pinnacle of success in your field? If time and money were no object, how would you live? Where would you give? How would you spend your time? What would a life of freedom mean to you, and to those you touch? If you can get clear on your purpose, then your field becomes a vehicle to help you pursue your promise.


When I started my business I was asked, Sarah, what is your why?”

I quickly replied to start a foundation for women and children that I would fully fund through my earnings.”

I was asked, how much will that cost?”

Millions,” I said, admittedly overwhelmed.

Thats the problem”, my mentor replied, “Your why is so big that at times it becomes a detractor versus a motivator. My advice: keep your long-term purpose in mind. But start small on the path toward your purpose. Take a portion of your check every month to do something nice for a family in need.”


Each month, I would take a portion of my check and do something nice for children, or a family in need. Now, instead of being driven by temporary disappointment, I was now driven my dream.


I started off building a handicap ramp for a child in need, then sending 5 children to fine arts camp. As my income grew, so did the impact I was able to have on others. This year we were able to open up two orphanages—one for boys, one for girls. We welcomed our first son into the world, and dedicated one of those homes in his name. I can’t wait for him to go, and meet all of his “brothers” and “sisters” someday. Imagine the legacy that we can leave him, and the lessons we can teach him!


I can tell you one thing for sure: the journey to the promise wasn’t always easy but it was so worth it. Now we can live more, give more, and we love our lives even more. Through our legacy we are able to help others do the same. There is nothing like seeing your reason “Why” in action!


Success is not about pursuing prosperity, it’s about pursuing purpose. Prosperity can follow purpose, as it certainly has for us! That is my wish for you too, that you would prosper: body, mind, spirit, and soul!


Don’t allow any temporary disappointment to steal your destiny. Passionately pursue your dream!


TO DO TODAY: Write out your purpose. Share it with your spouse/ significant other, sponsor/ accountability partner. Share this post with your team—when everyone is clear on their purpose, it makes the journey far more promising!


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First watch today’s video (set aside 30 minutes for your growth to ROCK this year), then read below for more tips on goal setting:

Get your goals in place for the year!!! Set  a date to create personal goals with a spouse or significant other–and set professional goals and share them with your sponsor or accountability partner.


Similar to weight loss, it is not enough to set a goal! Get an accountability partner (as suggested in the video above), who is working toward similar goals in your company. Agree to check in regularly!

Repeat this process of goal setting (and comparing growth month by month) yourself, and with the rock stars on your team. I do this the first week of every month myself, and with my personally-sponsored leaders.

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“Home” For The Holidays…

For the past three years around Christmastime, Phil and I gave the gift of “home”… In 2014, we built a home for our 117 “sons” in India (learn more here). In 2015 we built a home for our 47 daughters” in India, in honor of Gabriels birth (learn more here). Thanks to our network marketing business business, it allowed us the freedom and flexibility to not only build these homes, but to travel to spend time with our “children”.

This year we prayed about gifting a home–and the Lord spoke to our hearts about gifting a home to a deserving family in Michigan…

Here’s the story….

Phil and I were young when we got married, and we were financially strapped (we remember having 19 cents in our bank account, and paying bills from our quarter jar). We bought our first apartment in a tougher area of town, and desired to move to a safer neighborhood, and to purchase our first home.

Before the downturn of the economy we got into a really bad (interest only) mortgage. Phil was an entrepreneur; I was a brand new teacher. When the economy took a turn for the worse, so did our situation…home prices started drastically decreasing (especially in our neighborhood), our mortgage was sold to a company in Asia (so we couldn’t even qualify for government refinance programs no matter how many times we tried), people around us were foreclosing, and it seemed there was no end in sight.

Everyone told us to foreclose! But we knew in our hearts that this wasn’t the best thing to do, and that God would order our steps and bless our obedience, so we faithfully paid a really high monthly “interest only” payment on the home. We prayed for answers every day…

Our answers came in a form of a business that has since radically blessed our family (and allowed us to bless many other families too). It allowed us to purchase our current home, which is a miracle and total testimony of God’s goodness in and of itself (see Chapter 7 of my husband Phil Robbins’ book, The Secret Garage to hear the story of our “Jericho”—our miracle home! It will blow your mind!!!)

When we were moving from our old home to our new home, we happened to have had a flood, and had boxes everywhere. Our turnaround from our first home to our miracle home was so fast we didn’t even have our first house up for sale. During the move, a woman happened to drive by and knocked on our door (the house was a mess from the flood and moving,) and she asked us if we’d be willing to rent her our home since they were looking (her husband is ill and she needed to be closeby to work, his treatments, family, etc)! This was a total answer to prayer for both of us!

We knew it wasn’t the season to sell (our house depreciated in value by over 70,000!) So we said yes! We faithfully paid off our first home and current home, and for the past few years this family has rented from us—they’ve gone through so much personally, but they remained faithful to God, and faithful to their commitment in caring for our home.

This December, Phil and I felt a strong stirring in our hearts (individually, and as a couple) to “gift” them the home. So on December 23, we Facetimed our renter to give them the news of God’s faithfulness—that the Lord was blessing them with the home! She cried saying “You won’t believe this. When I walked in the home for the first time, I heard God whisper to my heart… He said ‘this is your home’. I didn’t know how that was going to happen but now I do!” We were all in tears! We talked about how this was a sign from God that he was caring for them in their time of need, and continuing to meet their needs, answer their prayers, and show His faithfulness to them! God is faithful…

Our First Home

Phil and I always say “blessings are tied to our obedience”. We also cannot forget that other people’s blessings are tied to our obedience, as well!

Our life would have looked a lot different for us (and them) if we would have walked out on the home and followed the world’s “wisdom” to foreclose. I am so glad that we followed the leading of the Lord—He ultimately knew that first home belonged to this family, and he has us in our home today for a plan and purpose! (We wouldn’t have qualified for our current home, if we had foreclosed).

I know it’s hard to trust God when things don’t make sense, or we don’t see an end in sight, but I want to encourage you today that there is a God who can make a way when there seems to be no way! He holds the answers to your prayers, if we would just seek Him and listen to Him!

Present your deepest desires to God! Cast your cares upon the Lord! How do you hear from Him? From the time we spend with him in prayer, in giving thanks, and in reading (and speaking) his word. I can’t encourage you enough to read Phil’s book The Secret Garage (to not only hear more of our miracle testimonies, but it teaches you how to pray, and how to hear from God. ) He cares about ALL THINGS concerning you!

As this year comes to a close I want to encourage you to bring your requests to God! He wants to speak to you, and lead you! He is not a deaf or dumb idol–He speaks to us through His word, and He will always lead you with His peace…

If you feel troubled or perplexed, don’t make a decision until you pray for answers and feel led by His peace. When you hear that still small voice, listen and obey! Don’t be distracted by- or led by anyone else’s opinions. Remember: Your blessings—and other’s blessings are tied to your obedience!

To GOD be the glory for the things HE has done! This was our best Christmas yet!

Wishing you and yours a BLESSED 2017! Happy New Year!

#TrustHim #ALLThingsArePossible #HeWantsYOUToBeBLESSEDToBeABlessing

I believe in letting our lights shine so we can encourage others to walk out their God given destiny, to see their reason “why” in action, and to inspire others to do good here during this short time we have on earth.

Matthew 5:16New Living Translation (NLT)

16 In the same way, let your good deeds shine out for all to see, so that everyone will praise your heavenly Father.

I hope this inspires you to believe for more, encourages you to reach for more, and gives you more hope for YOUR future!

PS- people often ask how we were successful in this business, given our start. The Lord spoke to me to write a book to bless other’s in business, and to teach them exactly how it was done. It is the #1 best-seller on Amazon today! I encourage you to pick it up, learn from it, implement it…so you too can be BLESSED to be a BLESSING! Check out my book here! 

It’s the “most wonderful time of the year”–but it can also be a time where we face tremendous pressures.

As my gift to you, I want to share with you a faith-based teaching led by myself, and my sister Katie Farrell of Dashing Dish! It is my hope that it will deposit “pearls of peace” into your heart and home this holiday season.

Listen here, and be blessed:

I truly hope this helps you find your “pearls of peace” this holiday season!

*You can also find our podcasts “The Rock Star Recruiting School” (for network marketing leaders) and “Power to Prosper Prayer Partners” (faith based podcasts) on iTunes!

Wishing you a peaceful, and joyful holiday season!

XO Sarah

Hey there rock stars,

It’s the time of year that we express thanks–and each one of you certainly make the list of those we are grateful for. You allow us to provide housing, education, and nutrition to children all around the world. For each book and CD you purchase on this site and amazon, you truly are changing lives. WE THANK YOU!

It is our hopes that we can continue to give great value to you, that will help you grow your business.

This week, our topic is end of month sales tips for November!

Watch our Facebook live video, then visit the tips below:

Seasonal Sales Tips for This Week:

  1. Give Thanks–be sure to write a note of thanks to your customers and team. If you have team facebook groups and customer facebook groups, be sure to express gratitude there, too! And don’t forget about those who helped you find success–include your family, corporate team, and upline leadership team too!
  2. Black Friday Specials–share your holiday specials via newsletter, and social media on Friday. Think about adding in your own perks for that day…free gifts with purchase or enrollment?
  3. Cyber Monday–What about hosting a Facebook Live event with your team? It’s not too late to create an events page this week and begin inviting! It’s all about virtual shopping Monday night, so it would be an appropriate time to do a virtual shopping event! Learn how here!
  4. It’s not too late to host a live event at the end of this month to help you close out month end! What about an “appreciation event” since it’s the month of giving thank?
  5. Plan ahead–how about a holiday shopping event in December? Or a little “mingle and jingle” event? And certainly consider hosting a holiday event for your team!

Hope this helps you finish November STRONG! Happy Thanksgiving! I’m thankful for YOU!

*As mentioned in the video, 11/21-11/28 2017, we are offering 25% off our CD combos on SarahRobbins.Com, with coupon code: THANKS! Our way of saying thanks to you! Stock up on holiday gifts for your team–or gifts for YOU! Education truly is, the gift that keeps on giving…

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Rock Your Network Marketing BusinessWHO IS SARAH ROBBINS? One of the world’s top network marketing leaders. She is also the author of the best-selling book “Rock Your Network Marketing Business”, which became a #1 best seller the day it launched! Get your copy here!

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How To Rock Your Network Marketing Business This Holiday- Events & More! 

Watch today’s live training, then read below for more ideas, scripts, and more:


Ready to ROCK your network marketing business? One of the keys to building a strong, sustainable business is developing a healthy sized, happy customer base. Why is this so important? Our business is built by the volume that is created by sales to an end customer—whether it be the distributors who are using the products monthly and getting great results, or happy customers who are loving their benefits!  When you’ve got an army full of people on auto ship, experiencing incredible results with your product that translates into big business!

Here’s 5 Top Tips On How To Find Customers:

1) Host events in people’s homes. My company isn’t a party plan company, but when I started my business, I hosted some events in my home to share the products and the opportunity. I knew if I had limited hours, I would rather spend 1 hour of my time in front of 10 or more people, opposed to talking to one person on the phone for an hour! It was a great way to build my business fast! When I saw the success these events brought, I began calling my friends and family saying, “I have a business that’s growing in your area, and I would love to meet new people. Would you be willing to host an event for me? You invite your friends, I will do all the work, and I’ll even throw in free product (or my discount on the product) as a thank you”! This expanded my audience, increased my exposure, and helped me to secure more customers and leads for my business.

*HOT HOLIDAY TIP: Host holiday open houses! A little “Mingle & Jingle Event”?

2) Customer appreciation events are powerful. Once a quarter my local team and I did Friends, Family, and Customer appreciation events. In the evening we would do a “Cocktails and Conversations” type event. If it was during the day, we would call them “Coffee and Conversations”. Sometimes we would even host a luncheon. We would focus on sharing customer testimonials, highlight new products, do fun games, and drawings. And of course, we mentioned the opportunity and shared our business success stories!  Our friends, family, and customers would come and bring their friends! These fun networking-type events would pack the room for us! We always had tremendous results!

*HOT HOLIDAY TIP: Thanksgiving is next week! Send out a newsletter (and post on social media) — a note of “Thanks” to your customers–highlight some of their before and afters, and testimonials! Share upcoming products, product specials, and more about your business, and how “Thankful” you are for it, and them!

Think about hosting an after-Thanksgiving “appreciation” or shopping event yourself! How about a Cyber Monday Virtual Event (leveraging FB live)!

3) Gift your products at every occasion. I am always looking for ways to get our products in people’s hands, whether it is the holidays, someone’s birthday, or as a thank you. I know if I can get them on the product, they’re hooked! Plus it’s an open door to a conversation about my business in the future when I follow up!

*HOT HOLIDAY TIP: In addition to updating your prospect list this month, I want you to make your holiday gift-giving list this week. This is the time to gift some product to everyone on your list (friends, family, loyal customers, prospects, people who provide you services) because once people try it they are hooked. And then they talk about it. What a better way to “advertise” your products! Get your products now, label each item with your website and contact info, wrap it pretty, and get it on its way!

4) Social media and sharing stories are a great way to share your products. Use your product or service at all times. Make sure your family is too! Develop a lot of customer testimonials and share them. If applicable to your product, post before and after’s and testimonials on social media sites.

*HOT HOLIDAY TIP:  Create digital campaigns or social media posts that highlight how people can look their best, and have a debt free holiday with you. Share your story about the business & products, other success stories, and how they can put some “jingle in their pockets” with your opportunity ! Be creative during these fun times: BLACK FRIDAY/ CYBER MONDAY– create your own specials/posts, THANKSGIVING — “thankful” note about what the products and/or opportunity is doing for you, DECEMBER–“give the gift of great products & glowing opportunity!”

Be sure to include a blurb about your business on your family cards or holiday newsletters too! Tis the season!

5) If your company offers samples, try using a sample pack approach. Look for ways to engage in conversation. Give someone a compliment.  Ask a lot of questions. (“Great service. Do you love your job?” or  ”Cute kids. Where do they go to school?”)  Then leave them with a sample and say, “I’ve loved chatting with you today. I would love to leave you with this gift (tell them more about the sample, and what it does.) I promise you’ll love it. If you promise you’ll try it, I promise I’ll follow up!” Get their name, number, and tell them what time you’ll call, and write it on the card you leave with them. When you follow up: “How’d you love the product? Before I tell you more about it, I would love to tell you why I’m excited about my business!” One of our top leaders Cindy was prospected this way and is now leading a rockin’ team. When she taught our team this approach, it created a huge wave of momentum for us!

HOT HOLIDAY TIP: The following idea was shared by my business partner Natalia last year: “The Holiday Season brings two of my favorite things – shopping and sharing my business with others. I start at Black Friday and continue all season shopping, armed with samples and business cards. I tie them together with holiday ribbon and a cute mini candy cane! I hand them out while  shopping, to the people working retail that give great service!” Think about all of those seasonal sales clerks!

Customers are a gift that keeps on giving!

Want more hot tips on how to GET and KEEP great customers?

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How would you like to have a debt free holiday?

Would you like to put some extra “jingle” in your pocket as you finish out the year strong? Building your network marketing business during this time of year can be fun, festive, and extremely profitable!

It’s the perfect time of year to give the GIFT:

-Of your product or service

-Or your life-changing opportunity

Watch today’s video then read below for more seasonal sales tips from me:

1) Give people the gift of your products or service:
Gift your products at every occasion. I am always looking for ways to get our products in people’s hands, whether it is the holidays, someone’s birthday, or as a thank you. I know if I can get them on the product, they’re hooked! Plus it’s an open door to a conversation about my business in the future when I follow up!

There is no better way to market your products and business than to get your goods in the hands of as many people possible. So, in addition to updating your prospect list this month, I want you to make your holiday gift-giving list, and then pick a product for each person on the list. You know that once people use your products, they’re hooked. And then they talk about it. They re-order, refer people on, and some may even join your team in the New Year! In fact, call them up after the holiday and say: “how are you loving your product? I’m not sure if I mentioned this but as a distributor of the product I get them at a great discount. I’d love to share with you more about the distributor program, as it may be a great way for you to get the best discount on the products, or earn them for free as you share your results with others…what do you think?”

Who do you give the gifts to???-Friends, family, co-workers, your loyal customers and referral sources, people who provide you services (mail person, realtor, hair/nail person, housekeeper, sitter, teacher, coaches, etc).

Now’s the time to make your list and check it twice!!!
Make a list of all the people you need to give a gift to, and remember–it’s marketing, and smart business! It doesn’t have to be expensive.

 *HOT HOLIDAY TIP: Make your gift-giving list. Check it twice. Order your products now, label each item with your website and contact info, wrap it pretty, and get it on its way!

If you sell a service think about a gift that would go well with it, and send it on it’s way with a letter introducing a special offer to them for your services! For example…sell a phone service? How about sending a cute little phone case, with more info on your services inside!

2) In addition to giving the gift of your product, be sure to give the gift of financial opportunity to everyone you meet!

The Holidays are a Prospecting Paradise! So many people are looking for extra cash this holiday, and you could be holding their holiday miracle in your hands. So don’t be afraid to spread good cheer!

Prospecting At Holiday Events

The holidays are a fabulous time to network and capture leads. You reconnect with people you know, and it’s also a great time to meet new people as well. Holiday events provide countless opportunities to tell your story, your company story, capture contacts, set a date to follow up and get people started in the business or on the products.

Attend every event you’re invited to. Keep conversations casual and simple. I once heard people say that networking is like interviewing: just ask people a lot of questions like “where are you from?” “Do you have kids? How old are they?” “What do you do?” This way you build rapport and get people talking about what they love and are most familiar with! The conversation will always bounce back to you! And of course, be good about bouncing back to them—like the game of ping pong.

When someone asks you what you do, a good response would be:
“I am a teacher by trade, but my passion is my new business.”

Then tell your personal story sharing about how you started your business, what interested you most about the opportunity, and what it’s doing for you (or what you plan on it providing for you). Share other leaders success stories they may relate to. Keep it short and sweet. Then, set a date to share more.

You could say something like:
“We’re here to enjoy the party tonight. I would love to tell you more at a later time! Let me quickly get your contact information-What’s your number & email?”

Capture or confirm contact information then say:
“As we expand here in <city> I’m always looking for people to join us. I’ll give you a call this week and tell you a little more. You may or may not have a personal interest, but maybe you could lead me to just the right person. I’d love to pick your brain and get ideas on how to expand my business here. I’m looking for referrals as we expand in <city>. ”

Learn to comfortably combine socializing with friends and family, meeting new people, enjoying the party, and capturing leads! Don’t miss these opportunities to share your passion for your business and products.

Prospecting When Out and About

The holidays are the perfect time to POWER PROSPECT as everyone is out and about. When you interact with a sales clerk, bank teller, waiter or waitress, thank them for their service and say: “Thanks for your awesome service today. We are looking for people like you for our business. I know you’re at work, but I would love to reconnect later tonight and tell you who we are looking for. What is a good time and number to reach you when you get home?” Then, follow up!

When you meet people out and about doing their holiday errands, strike up conversation. Before you leave say: “It was so great meeting you today. Earlier you mentioned you were from <city> and I have a business that is expanding there. I would love to stay in touch, talk at a later time, and get some ideas from you, and see if you know anyone who would be interested in partnering with us. What is a good time and number to reach you this week?” Then, follow up!

The Fortune is in the Follow Up

Don’t forget that the fortune really is in the follow up. So after you have these great conversations, be sure you send a quick email or Facebook message saying:“It was nice to see you, and I look forward to speaking to you again this week.” Then, call them!

Set Some Networking Goals For Yourself in November and December:
• How many leads would you like from each party, or each time you are out and about?
• How many business cards will you hand out that day? Put that number of cards in your wallet to keep yourself accountable.

 *HOT HOLIDAY TIP: Make your gift-giving list. Check it twice. Order your products now, label each item with your website and contact info, wrap it pretty, and get it on its way!

If you sell a service think about a gift that would go well with it, and send it on it’s way with a letter introducing a special offer to them for your services! For example…sell a phone service? How about sending a cute little phone case, with more info on your services inside!

Remember- now is the perfect time of year to share, as people are already thinking of their New Years Resolutions to:
• Better themselves
• Start a business
• Earn more money & erase holiday debt
•The Network Marketing Profession can provide the SOLUTIONS to these New Years RESOLUTIONS!

Lace up your “elf shoes” and get ready to RUN!
Work hard, and put some extra “jingle” in your pockets this holiday!
How you finish the year sets you up for sweet success in the New Year!

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Rock Stars,

There are 7 days left to FINISH STRONG!

Whether you are going for title goals, promotions, helping your team achieve their goals…or you simply want to “Beat Your Best” month, there is plenty of time left! 7 days= 1/4 of the month!

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Below the video you’ll find my fun seasonal invite!


It’s not too late to put together a quick “Ghouls night out” for your friends this Halloween weekend, and text out a fun, informal invite!

My poem (keep in mind I am in a skincare company so you’d have to modify it to meet your needs):

(Ghouls night out! or a “Spooky spa party” over Halloween weekend! )
It’s time for a Ghoulish Girls’ Night!The Big Girl Version of “Trick or Treating…

You are Invited…

Mirror mirror on the wall.
The visible signs of aging are the scariest of all!

Join us for a “Ghouls-night out” with tricks and treats,
Skincare, surprises, food, drinks, and sweets!

Creepy Cocktails and Ghoulish Goodies for you…
Skincare solutions for everyone too!

So tuck those little goblins in bed for the night…
join us goulishly gorgeous gals for some fun, & a fright!


Hope you enjoyed these fun and festive tips!

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#FINISHSTRONG and Finish early and strong so you can have a frightfully good night on Oct 31 with your little pumpkins!


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Hey there Rock Stars,

Today’s post is on Creating Culture (& Momentum) On Your Network Marketing Team.

Watch today’s video for tips on RECOGNITION, COMMUNICATION, and COLLABORATION which all contribute to the MOMENTUM on your team. The synergy and energy your team feels is a result of the culture that YOU create.

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