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The Billion Dollar System That BROKE RECORDS In The Network Marketing Industry


What if you could learn exactly (step by step) how I built a one billion dollar per year sales team from scratch…and have arguably coached more top leaders personally, than any other leaders in the network marketing profession? For the first time ever, now you can access my entire training vault + the system that broke records and has produced more multi-million dollar earners in the industry!Introducing the ROCKSTAR RECRUITING UNIVERSITY!
A project that has been in the making for over a decade!…
Rock Star,
If you are in network marketing or direct sales, you won’t want to miss this.
What if I told you that I created the simple system that helped produce more network marketing millionaires than most, breaking records in the direct selling industry?
And for the first time ever I was offering this system outside of my personally mentored team to give back to the profession that has so tremendously blessed us?
It’s true. I’ve been a top earner in the network marketing profession for over a decade. Not only have I made a multiple 7 figures per year, but I have also generated thousands of HOT leads that were easy to close, and mastered a simple system to close them, and get those customers and distributors off to a strong start. Today we have a team of over 300,000 distributors STRONG, and service millions of customers, monthly!
I’ve taught this simple system to those I have personally mentored, which has helped hundreds of thousands of people in the industry to live a life that they love, as well. In fact, it’s been said that I’ve mentored more top leaders personally to me that anyone else in the industry. As a former teacher, that gets me SO excited!
Today my “WHY” is helping you achieve YOURS…
Now for the first time ever I am offering my ENTIRE system for network marketing success as an online university, which includes my complete vault of training for a deeply discounted price. And for the first 500 who purchase my brand new university, I have included several bonuses for FREE including my #1 selling master class “Social Media that Sells” and much more! Don’t drag your feet as this program is deeply discounted and the bonuses will be gone fast:
(and if you order by Friday you can get $100 off with code rockstar, plus the first 500 get around $800 in bonuses for FREE!)
Real talk…have you ever heard people say “this business is so simple a kindergartener can do it?” So, you open your distributor kit with excitement, and immediately discouragement sets in. You talk to tons of people, yet hear uncounted “no’s”! People quit! You face rejection worse than you did in high school!  You seem to be working 1,000 hours a day, yet seem to be getting very little results?
But you have a big reason “Why”—yet all of the thoughts in your head are telling you “why NOT!” My prayer for you is that you do not quit—don’t “walk out on your why”…because there is nothing like seeing your reason why in action! I have a solution for you—I truly want to help YOU.
During my 12 years of leading and coaching top earners in network marketing I learned how to create simple systems to empower you, and help others get off to a strong start!
What if YOU Could Learn How One Of The Strongest Leadership Teams In The Profession Was Built That Currently Yields Over A BILLON Dollars In Sales! And HOW You Can Use This Same Strategy In Your Own Organization And Business
Introducing the The Network Marketing University That Will Help You To Reach Your Goals, Impact More People And Make More Money QUICKLY!
The Network Marketing University: Where ordinary people are making extraordinary income!
This university will help you learn and direct people how to—
  • Demystify The Big Build– my #1 keynote. Companies pay me tens of thousands to deliver this content to their teams. You will get this talk in the university– you’ll discover how I went from being a product promoter to a power prospector, putting me at the top of the leader board in recruiting every year. One of the best ways to increase your income in this industry is to have STRONG PEOPLE working with you. Customers build you strong linear income, but LEADERS will build you leveraged income! With this shift in strategy, we went from being the “least highest earner” to the #1 income earner in our company! You’ll learn how to make the shift yourself, and will be equipped to break records and fully understand how to “build big”.
  • Rock Your Recruiting: 2 Hour Recruiting Master Class on how to POWER PROSPECT and ROCK YOUR RECRUITING in Network Marketing. I used to be shy, and when I started I had no network. I went on to be the top recruiter in my company! I will teach you EXACTLY HOW I sponsored 300 distributors. Plus you will get downloads on exactly where to find new customers and consultants, and scripts for exactly what to say. Our top seller!
  • Social Media That Sells: 2 Hour Master Class on how to ROCK your recruiting and super-size your sales, on social media! We will touch on power prospecting posts and engagement tips on Instagram and Facebook and even teach you how to ROCK virtual events. Most of my leads are found online, for free! Don’t miss our #1 selling course!
  • Supersize Your Sales in Network Marketing: 2 Hour Master Class on how to supersize your selling in your direct selling business! I will share tons of ways to find and keep customers, for the long term! This is how we built to a billion in sales–primarily on customers!
  • Power UP Your Presenting! In this 2 hour master class you will learn how to present your business POWERFULLY in every setting: through home meetings, live events, virtual events, calls, coffees, presentations, casual meetings, and so much more! You’ll learn how to effectively package your business story, product story, and company story, too. Short, simple, and sweet!
  • Conquer the Close! 90 Minute Master Class! Spoiler alert: You are going to hear “no” quite a bit! I want to lessen the sting and help you get closer to a “YES!” Let me teach you how to CRUSH YOUR CONVERSIONS, CRACK COMMON OBJECTIONS, and confidently CONQUER THE CLOSE–to get more customers + consultants in your network marketing business!
  • RockSTART! Get You (+ Your Team) Off to a ROCKIN Start With a 1 Hour and 45 Min Master Class on the “fast start”! Join me as I teach you how to get yourself (+ your team) off to a rockin start! Learn my proven system for starting your new team member strong, step by step…or if you are new or desire a fresh start or fast start yourself, this program is for you!

For the first time ever I am offering all of my courses as a complete network marketing university—at a highly discounted price, plus I’m throwing in tons of free bonus material for the first 500! (see below!*)

Let me help you rock your network marketing business–I want to help you live more, give more, LOVE your life even more!
This simple system will help you to “demystify” what it takes to build big, and help you “rock your network marketing business”! Simple, and super smart!
Let’s make your dreams a reality and give you a ROCK STAR lifestyle you can share with those you love and are building a future with!
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ACT FAST! I believe in your success so much I’m going to throw in my best selling classes to help you to achieve your own personal dreams, for the first 500 people who register, and we will get there, fast:
Here’s what the first 500 people will get, for FREE: (over $788 in bonuses!)
-My Best Selling Prospecting Language and Ideas Guide (You’ll Master Exactly WHERE To Find People For Your Business and Products + WHAT To Say!) It includes Scripts, downloads, and more!
-Social Media That Sells Master Class (How to Generate Leads and Host Events ONLINE! Most Of My Leads Come From Social Media–with NO PAID ADVERTISING! My #1 Selling Course!)
-Rock Star Deluxe MP3’s
This best-selling combo includes:
  • “Network Marketing University MP3’s”
  • Seven Figure Success System for Network Marketing
  • Six Audio Sessions with Sarah Robbins, Totaling 153 Minutes
-Network Marketing University, Master Class Edition MP3’s
  • Advanced Training for Network Marketing Leaders
  • Three Audio Session with Sarah Robbins, Totaling 148 Minutes
I’m giving all of this away for FREE to the first 500 who register, because I believe in you, and your dream.
If you have a team, be sure to share this and have everyone register individually for their university pass as well– because the more who “go” the greater your team will “grow”!
I can’t wait to help you “Rock Your Network Marketing Business”!
Rock on Rock Stars, Sarah “Rockin” Robbins
Ps- you will be so surprised at how simple this will be!
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