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The POWER of Personal and Professional Development in Network Marketing

Hey there rock stars, Sarah “Rockin” Robbins here! This month, I am starting a brand new series, where I share 3 simple keys that will unlock doors to lead you to a destiny of greatness in your business, and life!…

“To run fast, run by yourself. To run far, run with others” -African proverb

Currently, I lead tens of thousands of entrepreneurs myself, so I am often times asked to share my best leadership tips. I decided to put some thought behind my response, and share them all with you! Here  are my Top Ten “E’s” To Become an Empowering Entrepreneur:

1) Eighty-six the ego. In business there can be a lot of ego. We can also experience a lot of rejection. Humility is the ability to not be moved by flattery or by criticism. Remember- confidence and humility are not in conflict with each other, you CAN have BOTH at the same time!…