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Sarah Robbins Network Marketing Challenge- Challenge #2 is…ROCK Your “Chicken List”!

Hey there rock stars, Sarah “Rockin” Robbins here! Today I am thrilled to kick off my WEEKLY CHALLENGE to #RockYourNetworkMarketingBusiness in ROCKtober! Be sure to subscribe to my newsletter to be notified via email when a new challenge posts–and take it with an “accountability partner” in your company! If you’d like to have more accountability daily, you can access the archives of the 30 day challenge I hosted last fall here!

For now, here’s week 2! Watch the video below–then read below it for language and ideas to ROCK this week’s challenge (and your follow up!)

Let’s get the “tough stuff” out of the way, right up front this round! Today I want to challenge you to reach out to someone on your “chicken list”–someone you believe would be amazing, but maybe you’re afraid to contact, or haven’t contacted yet, or if you’re fearless, maybe a “dream team” member–someone in the community, a business person or leader…someone who is highly influential and successful and you believe they could be a great success (in doing the business or leading you to the right people)….

These are the people who, in your wildest dream come true, would join you! Think of the savviest, most well connected, respected individuals you know–the influencers! These are the types of people that when they pick up the phone, the person on the other line wants to hear what they’re doing and be a part of it! These types of people have large centers of influences, and tend to build their organizations faster, with other people of influence. Do not prejudge them! Here’s a good example of why you never judge!

The Story of My $50Million Dollar Mistake
My mom and I used to work for a woman named Stacey. Stacey and her husband own several successful businesses in Chicago. We both thought of her several times and never called her. The chances are, if you think someone is great, someone else does too. Eventually someone will call them, and in this case, they did! Rose out of Chicago beat us to it! She used a referral-based approach, complimenting Stacey, building on her credibility saying something simple like:

“Stacey. I know you’ve built several successful businesses in Chicago, and I know you’re well networked in the Chicagoland area. I respect you. I am building a business in Chicago too. I was wondering if I could treat you to coffee, share with you what I’m doing, and pick your brain on ideas of how to grow this. I’d also like to see if you know people who you think may be interested.”

Stacey met Rose for coffee, came with a list of hundreds of names she was ready to give Rose as referrals, and when she heard the opportunity she decided to come to a meeting to hear more for herself. I happened to be hosting the meeting that night, and in walked Stacey! My stomach hit the floor! She joined us! Stacey ended up being the top recruiter in the company that year! She earned her company car, achieved the top title in our pay plan, and I have no doubt she will be a million dollar earner someday too. You heard the story of the “$50 million dollar woman” earlier on the blog (and in my free video when you sign up for my newsletter)—I guess you could call this my $50 million dollar mistake, considering the substantial sales Stacey’s team is creating.

Shoulda woulda coulda? Of course I’m thrilled for Stacey and Rose, but how many know that you only have to learn that type of lesson once? Now if someone comes to mind, I follow that little tug in my heart. I have a professional sense of urgency. I call them immediately, and I think: “which is greater? The risk or the reward?” The worst thing they will say is no! You won’t die (I have yet to die doing this business!) The best thing they will say is “yes”! And they change your life, their life, and countless of lives too, just as Stacey, Rose, and their upline Vicky and Prudy are doing today. By the way, they’ve created one of the strongest teams in the company!

Don’t pre-judge anyone. You don’t know what their hopes, dreams, desires, and their financial situations are. Usually the most well-connected, successful, busy people get it first, and they run with it! It’s just our job to share, and it’s their job to decide. Remember, if we share what we’re doing with everyone, they can all plug in as one of the “3 C’s” I say: as a customer, consultant, or to help us in creating new connections! But they can only do that if they know what you’re doing and if you share your story with them!

TODAY’S CHALLENGE: Contact AT LEAST 1 “dream teamer” (keep going if you’re on a roll)! Brainstorm who you think would be AMAZING (take a deep breath–today is the day!) Call, email, text or inbox (*use the following language as a guide!) Then POST BELOW–who you reached out to, why you’d be amazing, and any results/learnings/feelings you’d like to share! (*NO MENTION OF COMPANY NAMES PLEASE!!!)

TIP: really think about why they’d be great…personalize the first sentence, and tell them why you admire them!!! If you don’t want to be direct in your approach, this indirect approach helps you get them as a captive audience, tell your story, your company story, and what you are looking for (customers to try the product, consultants to join your fun, fast growing team). At the end say “who do you know who this would be great for….?” As Stacey did with Rose, they just may identify themselves.

“Stacey. I know you’ve built several successful businesses in Chicago (OR I know you’re well networked in the Chicagoland area). I respect you. My business is expanding in Chicago. I was wondering if I could treat you to coffee (or a virtual coffee with a starbucks card and a chat on the phone), & share with you what I’m doing, and pick your brain on ideas of how to grow this there. I’d also like to see if you know people who you think may be interested. Just a few minutes is all I need, and I am always happy to return the favor for you in any way!”

The goal is to get them on the phone or to coffee to learn more! If they agree to connect, here’s what I would review when you meet:

-Go over your story (why you joined)…
Then your company story…(Talk on the “4 P’s”)…
-Partnership with the company (history, success and growth)
-Product (your results, and overview of products, recent press, results)
-Program (how this works, why it’s lucrative and flexible)
-Positioning and Timing-(why now is the perfect time to join)
-Then share what you are looking for–people to try the product and partners to join our team and share in the profit…who do you know this would be great for????

Ok, that’s it for now! Hope this challenge CHALLENGES YOU to pick up the phone (or start typing away) to your “dream team” member now! #JustDoIt


***POST WHO you called and WHY below–and any learnings/ feelings from today’s challenge! (NO MENTION OF COMPANY NAMES BELOW PLEASE!)

***Don’t forget to message your accountability partner, ask who their “Dream Teamer” is, and how you can help them have victory in today’s challenge!

***Then, “Share” this challenge with your team, by sharing the link to this blog! (*it’s copyrighted, so NO copying and pasting please! Share straight from the source (aka this post)! Thanks so much! XOXO Sarah)


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