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Rock Your Network Marketing Business This Holiday– Events & More


How To Rock Your Network Marketing Business This Holiday- Events & More! 

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Ready to ROCK your network marketing business? One of the keys to building a strong, sustainable business is developing a healthy sized, happy customer base. Why is this so important? Our business is built by the volume that is created by sales to an end customer—whether it be the distributors who are using the products monthly and getting great results, or happy customers who are loving their benefits!  When you’ve got an army full of people on auto ship, experiencing incredible results with your product that translates into big business!

Here’s 5 Top Tips On How To Find Customers:

1) Host events in people’s homes. My company isn’t a party plan company, but when I started my business, I hosted some events in my home to share the products and the opportunity. I knew if I had limited hours, I would rather spend 1 hour of my time in front of 10 or more people, opposed to talking to one person on the phone for an hour! It was a great way to build my business fast! When I saw the success these events brought, I began calling my friends and family saying, “I have a business that’s growing in your area, and I would love to meet new people. Would you be willing to host an event for me? You invite your friends, I will do all the work, and I’ll even throw in free product (or my discount on the product) as a thank you”! This expanded my audience, increased my exposure, and helped me to secure more customers and leads for my business.

*HOT HOLIDAY TIP: Host holiday open houses! A little “Mingle & Jingle Event”?

2) Customer appreciation events are powerful. Once a quarter my local team and I did Friends, Family, and Customer appreciation events. In the evening we would do a “Cocktails and Conversations” type event. If it was during the day, we would call them “Coffee and Conversations”. Sometimes we would even host a luncheon. We would focus on sharing customer testimonials, highlight new products, do fun games, and drawings. And of course, we mentioned the opportunity and shared our business success stories!  Our friends, family, and customers would come and bring their friends! These fun networking-type events would pack the room for us! We always had tremendous results!

*HOT HOLIDAY TIP: Thanksgiving is next week! Send out a newsletter (and post on social media) — a note of “Thanks” to your customers–highlight some of their before and afters, and testimonials! Share upcoming products, product specials, and more about your business, and how “Thankful” you are for it, and them!

Think about hosting an after-Thanksgiving “appreciation” or shopping event yourself! How about a Cyber Monday Virtual Event (leveraging FB live)!

3) Gift your products at every occasion. I am always looking for ways to get our products in people’s hands, whether it is the holidays, someone’s birthday, or as a thank you. I know if I can get them on the product, they’re hooked! Plus it’s an open door to a conversation about my business in the future when I follow up!

*HOT HOLIDAY TIP: In addition to updating your prospect list this month, I want you to make your holiday gift-giving list this week. This is the time to gift some product to everyone on your list (friends, family, loyal customers, prospects, people who provide you services) because once people try it they are hooked. And then they talk about it. What a better way to “advertise” your products! Get your products now, label each item with your website and contact info, wrap it pretty, and get it on its way!

4) Social media and sharing stories are a great way to share your products. Use your product or service at all times. Make sure your family is too! Develop a lot of customer testimonials and share them. If applicable to your product, post before and after’s and testimonials on social media sites.

*HOT HOLIDAY TIP:  Create digital campaigns or social media posts that highlight how people can look their best, and have a debt free holiday with you. Share your story about the business & products, other success stories, and how they can put some “jingle in their pockets” with your opportunity ! Be creative during these fun times: BLACK FRIDAY/ CYBER MONDAY– create your own specials/posts, THANKSGIVING — “thankful” note about what the products and/or opportunity is doing for you, DECEMBER–“give the gift of great products & glowing opportunity!”

Be sure to include a blurb about your business on your family cards or holiday newsletters too! Tis the season!

5) If your company offers samples, try using a sample pack approach. Look for ways to engage in conversation. Give someone a compliment.  Ask a lot of questions. (“Great service. Do you love your job?” or  ”Cute kids. Where do they go to school?”)  Then leave them with a sample and say, “I’ve loved chatting with you today. I would love to leave you with this gift (tell them more about the sample, and what it does.) I promise you’ll love it. If you promise you’ll try it, I promise I’ll follow up!” Get their name, number, and tell them what time you’ll call, and write it on the card you leave with them. When you follow up: “How’d you love the product? Before I tell you more about it, I would love to tell you why I’m excited about my business!” One of our top leaders Cindy was prospected this way and is now leading a rockin’ team. When she taught our team this approach, it created a huge wave of momentum for us!

HOT HOLIDAY TIP: The following idea was shared by my business partner Natalia last year: “The Holiday Season brings two of my favorite things – shopping and sharing my business with others. I start at Black Friday and continue all season shopping, armed with samples and business cards. I tie them together with holiday ribbon and a cute mini candy cane! I hand them out while  shopping, to the people working retail that give great service!” Think about all of those seasonal sales clerks!

Customers are a gift that keeps on giving!

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