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Rock Your Network Marketing Business in 2018


Happy New Year! Check out this message from Sarah Robbins:

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The kids are back to school, and it’s time to get back to building your business bigger than you have before! The New Year is here…and let’s face it–most of us don’t need a new opportunity in the New Year–we need a new commitment to our opportunity! 


As you think about where you want to end the year in your business, goal setting is a good idea. A great idea is to determine a plan on how you will get there.

How many of you are measuring the number of Customers or Consultants you brought on each month—or your title or check month end, without tracking your daily progress? We have to be proactive, and have a plan. Create your list—go through your phone, Facebook, and and memory joggers and set a goal of how many people you will talk to per day!

If you are serious about increasing your pace and seeing results, I want you to focus on tracking your daily activity for the next 90 days. This is what leads to the ultimate goal of higher titles, more volume, and bigger checks. You can’t control the title at the end of the month—but you can control your daily activity, which leads to the new recruits—which eventually leads to the title and volume goals. Here is what I want you to begin tracking, starting tomorrow:

1)   Prospecting and Presenting: 3 way calls, live meetings, or 1-on-1s you conduct each day!

-3 is a good goal, 5 is a great goal, 10 is an excellent goal (each day!)

2)   Lifestyle Marketing and Passing Out Sample Packs

-Can you at least pass one sample, business card, or tool out per day when dropping the kids of at school, or when running an errand?

3)   NO’s! –because the no’s get you closer to a yes. When you know your own personal set of odds you’ll have a better idea of what it takes to double your results, and accelerate your pace. This also helps track results with your sponsor and to share what it truly takes with your team.

PERSONAL ACTIVITY and DAILY DISCIPLINED focus will be the cure to what ails you in your business—always! This will be what gets you to your goal in the next 90 days! To get you ready, I want you to do the following 3 things tomorrow:

1)   Set a plan with sponsor (if you want to set a regular talk time, you need to be committed to tracking your activity and come to the call with numbers and results!)

2)   Get a power partner- find someone working toward the same goal that you can talk about these numbers to weekly as well!

3)   Track daily activity- rain or shine, no matter the circumstances, no matter what! …FOR 90 DAYS!


*(the following chart is best viewed full screen, on a desktop computer!)

Leaders, here is a good goal setting sheet to start your team off strong this year (I do one-on-ones with my strategic partners using this sheet the first week of the month, and then we do month end strategizing after the 21st!)

SARAH-ROBBINS-GOAL-SETTING-WORKSHEET <= click here to get the goods!


Hope this helps you #RYNMB! XOXOXO Sarah


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