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How To Successfully Start A New Team Out Of State (or Country!)


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Today’s episode:
How to SUCCESSFULLY start a team out of state! (Or even out of the country!!!)
Leverage your social network and be asking…“Who Do You Know In <<Australia>>? I am expanding my business there…”
Many have asked, what do I do once a new out-of-town partner signs up?
Simple–the same you’d do with any new consultant…
Focus on these 5 things:
1) Have the post their announcement post on Facebook! Then, share it, and welcome them!
2) Have them take their “before” picture and start using the products and sharing their results. Ask them to have friends and family do the same (helps them get their first few customers!) (If you have a service based product, have them start creating their story/ testimonial based on their experiences!)
3) Help them create their contact list, and start inviting those people to business presentations, coffee or calls, and their launch events… (teach them “inviting” language).
4) Schedule 3 launch events their first month! You can help them launch remotely and virtually through a platform like zoom or skype! Have them open and welcome and share their why–you can then share your why and more about your company, then give a product overview and share lots of product success stories! Tell people how they can get involved!
5) Stay plugged in–have them listen to company trainings and plug into team pages. etc. Leverage drive time and down time to learn the business! Become a student of our profession!

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