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How to make the MOST of company conventions (& events)


How to make the MOST out of company conventions and events…

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  1. Plug in: If your company has a live event option or virtual option to attend, GO! It’s the best investment you will make in your future, as it is THE company-wide training event of the year! I call it “School” for network marketing! This is where you get stellar training, build great relationships, and also experience all of the new exciting launches as they happen!
  2. Promote it: After you’re signed up promote the event to your team! It’s not enough to just give dates and times…share testimonials of other leaders whose lives and businesses were changed by the company event. It’s not just about sharing “features”, it’s about sharing “benefits” too!
  3. Plan post-convention events: Fill your calendar FULL of meetings and events in the weeks and months after convention to  share all of the exciting new things that your company will have just launched! (It’s the perfect time to relaunch your business–EVERYONE should have an event or two or a few scheduled post-convention!!!) Start inviting now! Are you a leader??? Have your big team post convention biz opp/ team training planned to capture the post convention excitement for your teams.Don’t miss your chance to leverage the excitement, announcements, and momentum that comes after a big convention!
  4. Position yourself for post-convention momentum:Build big NOW (don’t wait until after!) The more consultants who join you who leverage the training and launches at convention, the greater your post-convention “POP” (momentum). The more preferred customers who join you now whom you can have experience new product launches, the better! Let everyone know you are their “go to gal” or “go to guy” for the product when it is announced! (Create intrigue now!)
  5. PREP (*bonus tip): Find out the company dress code prior to the event and plan accordingly. Typically in conventions there is a LOT of walking, so I always pack a comfy pair of flats or flip flops to get me to my destination (yes, convention goers will always find me carrying my heels around!)Bring a camera or smart phone to document the event as it’s happening on your social media sites (it’s a great way to allow your Facebook friends to see how much FUN and excitement is happening in the company!)Protein bars/healthy snacks and water are a must! Be sure to bring notepads and pens! Make sure to take advantage of the FABULOUS product discounts you’ll often get for attending (*which can be for your use/for demo at your events post-convention/displays/giveaways/ gifts with enrollment or purchase, etc).Be sure to attend every event! There will be special things announced, launched, and taught at every scheduled session. You are here, you’ve invested in your future, so do not miss one! If you’re not going to be there live, be sure you are watching the live stream with your team!SUGGESTED (bonus tip): host a virtual viewing weekend together with your team, if you’re plugging in via virtual.

During the Event:

  1. Prospect: Remember the “5 a day” rule!
    When in (state) focus on building a business there! Talk to 5 people a day- in the hotel, convention center, on your way to events, at restaurants, etc! Airplane ex: “What are you traveling to Las Vegas for?” Naturally they will ask you! Hotel ex: “How have all of our beautiful gals been treating you? Seems we’ve taken over the hotel! Did anyone tell you why we are here!” Also, meet 5 new consultants a day! Relationships within the company become valuable as you build your business in different states. Share best practices, ideas, excitement, and friendship! Find power partners and new friends! *Bring samples and business cards to share while prospecting!
  2. Post online: What attracts many people to our business are the fun and friendships formed! So don’t forget to post a lot of pictures and video on social media, showcasing the experiences during convention, as well as the excitement!
  3. Plan traditions with your team:”Inclusion” is key! Should your team wear special T-shirts? Bring colored pom-poms? Wear fun buttons? I ask my team to wear an orange ribbon (any orange ribbon) tied or pinned to their name tag…so I can find them, and they can find one another. This allows me to handshake, hug, or high five them and THANK THEM when I see them (our team is over 200,000 strong!) Other ideas: leadership dinners (I am hosting an unforgettable night for my direct leaders) and team toasts (I am hosting one in my suite to kick off convention, for my entire personal team). If in the morning, how about a “Muffins and Mimosas” in your room, or a “Coffee and Conversations?” Many do this in a hotel room, at a meeting place in the hotel, etc. These events don’t have to be expensive, but the results are priceless as it allows you to recognize your rock stars, and for the team to connect with one another, outside of the BIG event!


  1. Prep for your events: Fill your calendar FULL of shows or parties, meetings and events! You will want to have plenty of opportunities to announce everything that’s coming, to your customers, prospects, friends and family!
  2. Prospecting follow-up: “If ever there’s a time to join us, the time is now! Here’s why…” This should be a message you are sending to every potential customer or potential consultant post-event…even if you’ve talked to them before, and the timing wasn’t right! Revisit everyone on your list; tell them why NOW is the perfect time to join!
  3. Promote what’s new and exciting: Share the products with all of your PCs, friends, and family! Share the new promotions with your prospects!Get out an email to everyone in your database sharing the new products, promotions, and programs! Leverage social media too! And be sure to share any exciting new offerings on your customer Facebook groups too!

Whatever you’re dreaming, dream BIGGER! These events have the potential to ROCK your network marketing business! Be sure you’re there…those who SHOW UP, GO UP! Leaders (and aspiring leaders) NEVER miss a company convention or event!

What other tips have I missed? Share them below (without mention of company name please)!

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