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Give The Gift of Network Marketing This Holiday


Here’s How! Seasonal Sponsoring Success Secrets from Network Marketing Leader Sarah Robbins & Other Top Leaders! Today we continue our series…

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Tis the season where people are looking to pay down debt during the holiday, thinking of end of year write off opportunities, and are starting to think about new opportunities in the New Year to better their life and lifestyle! You hold the SOLUTIONS to these resolutions!

So many people are looking for extra cash this holiday, and you could be holding their holiday miracle in your hands. So don’t be afraid to spread good cheer! The holidays are the perfect time to POWER PROSPECT as everyone is out and about. Here are a few ideas from network marketing ROCK STARS on super-sizing your sponsoring this season:

Check out this idea from Erin G: “ANYONE who I give cash to / paying for a product or services I’m giving a card with a candy cane (or sample) attached to it  saying: ‘Good things come in small packages – Happy Holidays!’ I actually plan to have tons of cards on hand for the LONG lines at department stores!”

Natalia Y shares: The Holiday Season brings two of my favorite things – shopping and sharing my business with others – together. I start at Black Friday and continue all season shopping armed with ‘treats’–samples of my product and my business card and tie them together with holiday ribbon and a cute mini candy cane! Then, I work the season, exchanging contact information with my new Prospects and giving them their ‘triple treat,’ something sweet, a sample,  and the gift of financial freedom!” Hand them out while you are shopping to the people working retail that give you great service!!  Or your servers at restaurants, etc.

(*Natalia is one of my power partners in business, and has one of the largest teams in the company…she started her business over the holiday—and became a 6-figure income earner in 6 months…so it’s the perfect time to be scouting for your power partner in business this time of year!)

One of the other top teams in the company was started by my other power partner Susie S…who also started her business on New Years eve (another example of someone who built a BIG business over a holiday!) She shares this idea:

The holidays are just the PERFECT time to be sharing our business because we are with so many people. Whether it’s Thanksgiving dinner, or holiday parties and events, everyone seems to see good friends OR meet new people. Be sure you have your business cards and samples. And when you arrive to dinner at your hostess’s house….be sure you are attaching them to a little bottle of bubbly….better yet fore go the wine for a full sized product…they will LOVE it!

What next?

As you meet people who express interest in your business, INVITE INVITE INVITE– leverage opportunity calls, meetings and events—invite them to hear more about what you do!

Why Wait? Closing Tips:

Create the urgency, and enforce why the time is NOW! During the month of December it’s not uncommon for people to want to “wait until January” to join your team–here’s how to answer that objection (because you never want people to wait, or they may change their mind or join with someone else!):

“Mary, may I make a suggestion? I want to share with you what’s going on with our company right now. ***SHARE YOUR COMPANIES CURRENT PRODUCT OFFERINGS, SPECIALS, OR INCENTIVE PROGRAMS***. You don’t have to do a lot of heavy lifting now, but I would love to just get you signed on now, and get you trained, so you’ll be out of the gates and running with everyone else in the New Year. I will respect your pace, but let’s set a time in December for the registration so you can get that end-of-year write-off too! Let’s take a peek at our calendars for this week”

A great way to get these potential customers and consultants is through events too—we are in the party season, and people are in the mindset of getting and giving gifts! So it’s the perfect time to mingle and jingle, and hold fun and festive events!

My advice to you? Schedule as many events as possible in the first 3 weeks of December! Then…be sure this practice duplicates down on your team! Make sure EVERY person on your team is doing at least a couple of events this month and next, whether it’s a big business launch or 5 people over to the holidays. This is how we’ll drive volume and keep attracting consultants and customers. Good themes for December: “Mingle & Jingle!” or a “Favorite Things Party” for your favorite peeps (favors can be samples or full sized products!)

A great way to get people to come: tie into charity! People love to come to events when tied to a charity, so I try to focus on giving back during these times. People want to feel like they are doing good but also want to get out, enjoy the season and look their best, so tying them all together seems to really drive people to events. So consider having a food drive, coat drive, or toys for tots too!

Make it fun, and keep it festive: offer Champagne & cupcakes, if in the morning–muffin and mimosas, in the evening–leave the aging to wine and cheese, or if you really want to make it holiday hip–cookies and cocoa—everyone can bring sweet treats to eat…you treat them to a fabulous night with friends!

Tips for holiday events:

-Incentivize purchases on the spot: Have “Gifts” on hand to give away if someone joins your team, agrees to host an event for you, or buys something that night.  Natalia suggests you buy some cute mugs at Wal-Mart for $5.00.  She puts samples inside, and finishes by filling the mug with chocolates.  Then wrap them with cellophane and tie with a decorative ribbon to give as “gift with purchase/ enrollment”.

– Incorporate wish lists: Erin G hosts a customer appreciation Christmas Bash. She is having the women fill out their wish lists …Then she is sending men their wives “wish-list” and offering to set it up & wrap it for them!

-You could also offer gifts and stocking stuffers wrapped and ready to gift too!

– I’m asking all my customers for their wish-list as well and asking them who to send it to.

Other fun events:

-Find other charity events going on and asking if you can either have a booth or donate to a silent auction.

-Prepare baskets and bring to car dealers or office buildings and help people shop for their spouse!

Holiday open house with other vendors- exposes you to new people. You all invite your friends!

Bottom line—tis the season to mix and mingle–and put some extra “jingle” in your pocket this holiday!

People are in the “party mood”, “gifting mood” so these are the perfect months to host an event, or ask a friend to host one for you as you “expand into their city”! It’s also a great way to maximize your time and get your business in front of a lot of people at once!

My company is NOT a party plan company–but I still believe events are a great way to get our goods in front of a lot of people at once–especially during the holidays!


Don’t forget…There is no better way to market your products and business than to get your goods in the hands of as many people possible. So, in addition to updating your prospect list this month, I want you to make your holiday gift-giving list, and then pick a product for each person on the list. This is the time to GIVE THE GIFT because you know that once people use your products, they’re hooked. And then they talk about it. It’s an important investment in your business, and it’s a write off! I “give the gift” to everyone on my list! There’s something for everyone, at many different pricing points.

I “dress our products up” by making cute gift baskets each and every year. Since our products are so transformative, I am confident that they will LOVE the product, and definitely want more! So it’s the gift that keeps on giving, as they re-order from me when I follow up after the holiday, asking how much they love the products…and it’s a great lead into the opportunity saying: “I’m sure you’re loving the product! Let’s talk about how you can get the deepest discount as a distributor!”

Tis the season to “GIVE THE GIFT” of fabulous financial opportunity! We have a gift in our hands…share it with everyone this holiday! Who knows? You could be holding their “holiday miracle” in your hands!

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