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Day 6- 30 Day Challenge to Rock Your Network Marketing Business


Rock Stars! Welcome to Day 6 of the 30 Day Challenge to Rock Your Network Marketing Business! #RYNMB30 (It’s not too late to join us! Start your 30 days on whatever day you find this challenge! For more info, and for a tracking sheet CLICK HERE! Today I want to talk to you about how to continue to make NEW contacts when you’re out and about, running errands, dropping the kids off at school, etc. Watch the video below, and when you are out of the house make a conscious effort to meet new people (bring your business cards and samples if you have them), and rock your minimum of 2 NEW CONTACTS PER DAY ===>

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“Who do I talk to today?”

Get Out Of Your House! Go Where The People Are! (*Bring your accountability partner and have fun meeting new people!)


Lifestyle Networking–Look for ways to engage in conversation when you’re out. Give someone a compliment.  Ask a lot of questions. (“Great service. Do you love your job?” or  ”Cute kids. Where do they go to school?” etc.)  Then leave them with a sample. “I’ve loved chatting with you today. I would love to leave you with this gift (tell them more about the sample, and what it does.) I promise you’ll love it. If you promise you’ll try it, I promise I’ll follow up!” Get their name, number, ask if they are on Facebook and “friend them” there. Tell them what time you’ll call, and send them a message to remind them via Facebook. When you call them: “How did you love the product? Before I tell you more about it, I would love to tell you more about what I do!”

People who provide you services—Think about who you’ve been supporting for years (hairdresser, nail tech, realtor, etc.) Approach them and say, “I’ve loved supporting your business for years, and now I’m hoping I can share with you my new business. I’d love for you to refer me on!”

How about people who give you great service at a restaurant, or store: “Thank you for your great service. I am looking for people like you for my business. Can we exchange information? I would love to set a time to chat tomorrow as I know you’re at work, and tell you who I’m looking for, and more about what I do”.

Where do you like to meet new people? Post some ideas below, and please “SHARE” this post with your team! YOU ROCK!