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Day 2- 30 Day Challenge To Rock Your Network Marketing Business


Hey there Rock Stars–let’s be honest, who rocked day 1 of #RYNMB30 (30 days to rock your network marketing business)? I did! I’m happy to say that I made my 2 new contacts yesterday, and as a result have one follow-up appointment, and one enrollment appointment this week!

It is my suggestion that you get an accountability partner to complete the challenge with, that you text your daily stats to: “How many people did you call today? I called my ‘two’! Who are your hottest prospects, and how can I help you reach out to them?” Keep it positive, and be honest! It so much easier to achieve a goal when you have someone to support you, encourage you, and hold you accountable. That’s why people hire personal trainers for their fitness goals!

If you haven’t joined our 30 day challenge, it’s not too late to start. CLICK HERE for more details!

Don’t forget to set your quarter one goals this week! Focus on the following 5:

1) How do you want to end March? What title will you be? What do you want your team volume to be?

2) How many people will you recruit per month? Write down these goals, and put it somewhere where you will see it, and your chances of succeeding will start to go up!

3) Just writing down a goal isn’t enough!   If you don’t have an action plan for how to achieve your goal and a way of measuring or tracking your progress, the chances you’ll actually see any results are slim. So–How many NEW people will you contact each day about your business? Remember: you must break that into daily activity goals (a minimum of 2 NEW contacts per day– I share who to contact, and how to contact them in my book Rock Your Network Marketing Business)! There is a tracking sheet to help you along on DAY 1 of the challenge.

4) What will this help you to achieve? Write down your “WHY” for Quarter 1. What will success this quarter mean to you, and your family. What will your life look like? What areas will you see improve? Many people set goals because they feel like they “should”, and never tap into the deeper reasons WHY they are motivated to achieve them.  If there’s no emotional power to a goal, it’s going to be very hard to get yourself to achieve it.

5) Don’t forget to share your goals with your spouse, sponsor, or your accountability partner. My husband Phil and I set a time to work on our business goals together, and we also discussed a few other categories for our goals Q1=> Faith, Family, Friends, Fitness/Health, Finances/Tithing/Giving, and Business and Ministry Goals!

Don’t skip over this step! Setting goals is so worth it! Here’s a recent study done by Harvard on goal-setting (best viewed on a desktop computer)=>

harvard study on goals* Graphic from

Wishing you a rockin Quarter 1! May all of your goals, hopes, dreams, and desires come to pass!

Are YOU going to beat the odds and actually achieve your goals this year? 
How are YOU going to ensure that you stay on track? Leave a comment below, and let me know!

Please “SHARE” day 2 with your accountability partner, and team! It’s not too late to invite your teams to join us! Check back often on the blog, and let’s get ready to #RYNMB30 (Rock Your Network Marketing Business in 30 Days!) Sarah “Rockin” Robbins!

Learn more about the 30 Day Challenge here and share this link with your team for more info, and a tracking sheet=>

PS- just for fun! Here’s a sneak peek into our New Year’s Celebration! It’s an annual tradition that I do a NYE party at my house with my family (and a few friends)! My sisters spend the night, and we wake up New Year’s morning and do our annual tradition of a scrapbook page each year to highlight the best events that year (can’t wait to pass this album on to my kids some day)! So much to celebrate in 2013– each member of my immediate family bought a new home, the weddings of my sister, brother, and best friend, tons of travel, and writing a best-selling book “Rock Your Network Marketing Business”! =>

New Years Eve Drinks

New Years Eve Drinks

New Year's Eve Food

New Year’s Eve Food

New Years Eve Decor

New Year's Scrapbook Tradition. Every year my sisters and I wake up on New Year's Day and scrapbook the memorable events of the previous year!

New Year’s Scrapbook Tradition. Every year my sisters and I wake up on New Year’s Day and scrapbook the memorable events of the previous year!