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BIG NEWS From the “Robbins Nest”


BIG NEWS From the “Robbins Nest” And How This Effects Our Family…

Mr. Rockin Robbins and I are so excited to announce that there will be a new “Robbins” coming to the nest! ETA= Christmas Day! We wanted to share the “BIG NEWS” with our community, but also tell you what this means to our family, and what “walking out your why” can mean to you, too…

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Many of you know, I’m a kindergarten teacher, turned network marketing leader. As a teacher of young ones, I would definitely say that many parents would struggle with the desire to volunteer in the classroom and attend field trips — but because of their responsibilities at work, were unable to fulfill that desire to the level that they dreamed. This of course, was of no fault to them–as they were making the ultimate sacrifice in doing everything they can to provide for their family, and give them a full life. This is to be commended and celebrated!

As a teacher of young ones I so badly desired to do for my family, what I was providing for so many others–to be present in my children’s life, and to teach and train them and fully raise them. That is why I started network marketing–initially to earn extra income to provide a more fulfilling life and rewarding experiences for my family, and to eventually be a full-time, hands-on mom!

Many of you know my story–things didn’t come easy for me. I used to be shy with no network (not too attractive in a business of networking!) It took me many months before I recruited my first distributor. In fact, our CEO lovingly reminds me “Sarah, I think you quit more than anyone else in the company!” She’s right–but in all reality, I never actually quit! I kept starting again–growing personally and professionally. Success is getting up just one more time than when you fell! I allowed my “reason why” to motivate me–I focused on my family, and the families I could touch with the time and resources my business provided to me!

There is nothing like seeing your “reason why” in action. Not only have we been able to show other children love as we’ve built orphanages in India-now we are excited to be showing our own children love, and have the ability to be full-time, hands-on parents! I wish the same for you too–if you’re not at the place where you desire to be ultimately, DO NOT GIVE UP! Celebrate small successes along the way– use the extra time and resources your business provides you to create a more quality life and experiences for those you love–whether that be fun family outings, trips, movie nights, etc….all while working toward your “BIG WHY”, which takes time!

Whatever you do, don’t quit along the way. Success isn’t easy, but it’s worth it! When you quit, you are actually saying “no” to your family, your team and future team…you are saying no to your dream. There is NOTHING like seeing your reason why in action! You can to anything for a short period of time to produce the long term rewards that you desire, and your family deserves!

I’m so blessed to watch this dream of ours become a reality! I wish the same for each of you!  XO Sarah

PS- We know that this anticipated news will bring the warmest wishes (some of our family and friends have been waiting 10 years for this exciting announcement)! If you’ll post your wishes below (versus messaging us direct) Phil and I promise to read each and every one of them this week–this is the easiest way for us to find them, and keep them in one place! While we can’t individually respond to them all, we want to thank you in advance for the outpouring of your love and support as we welcome this new little life into the world! We couldn’t be more excited! We believe being parents is the greatest responsibility and privilege of our lifetime!

WE LOVE YOU and we can’t wait to read your wishes below! XO, P+S “Rockin Robbins”!


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