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Use Technology To Launch Your Network Marketing Business Virtually



Hey there Rock Stars ~* Sarah “Rockin” Robbins here!

I just got done training my team on how to launch their businesses with VBLS (Virtual Business Launches)–and I wanted to share with you some best practices and tips! Before I do–I want to announce the winner of my BIG BIRTHDAY GIVEAWAY that I shared on last week’s blog post!


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Speaking of launches, today I want to talk to you about how to launch markets that are out of your area… with V.B.L.’s!

What is a VBL?–it is a cross between a live event and an opportunity call, and it allows you to present powerfully with your team from anywhere in the world. VBLs come in handy when you are growing a market out of state (or the country) and it allows you to support a growing team there! They don’t take the place of in-person events that your team members will have with their local market, but it serves as a great support tool!

Here’s the types of technology I like to use for virtual launches and presentations:

Skype– (which has a video component). I’ve heard some like Facetime for one-on-ones. For large groups, I like to hook my computer up to my TV and Skype someone in to share so they see them on the “big screen”!

Instant Teleseminar or FreeConferencing.Com– (which have visual components like screen share, and allow you to show powerpoints and visuals)

Pick a service, do some research, call their customer service department to do a walk-through, google tutorials, practice, etc!

Here are a few tips on VBLS: What to do Pre-, During, and Post-Event:

  1. Pre-event:
    Focus on inviting- with virtual events, there is no accountability,  so “no shows” are common. Connect personally and tell them you’re excited they are coming–along with giving a personal invitation. Send invites and follow up with a call or text or personal FB message: “I just sent you an email inviting you to my virtual launch of my new business. It’s 15 mins of your time. You simply hop onto a call & get a free gift for doing so. I think you’ll love it!” Use it as an opportunity to connect with people–and this way they can see what you’re up to!
  1. During the Event:
    Give an engaging presentation! Show pictures of you and family–share your story and reason “why”–share your company story (more about your products and opportunity–and share success stories too)!  End with a clear Call To Action: Text me to say you were on and get a free gift (this allows you to follow up)! Offer gifts with purchase by a certain date, etc!
  2. Post Event:
    Follow up! “I called to talk about the free gift–have a minute? What did you think of the launch? What questions did you have? Can I give you a recommendation  for your skin? (cater to your product and what you offer) –Then transition into the business: “I think the business would be a great fit for you too, because… (personalize the conversation). Do you have any interest?” Follow up AGAIN after they get the free product–“how are you loving it? Would you like to get started on a full skincare regimen so you can truly dive in and get onto the journey of the best skin of your life?” (again, cater to your product)

You can also do these VBLS regularly with your entire team, and allow them to invite their guests on weekly –to build interest and exposure! The more people you get your products and opportunity in front of, the greater the chance you have of ROCKIN your home based business!

Rock on Rock Stars, Sarah “Rockin” Robbins

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