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Today’s objection- “I need to try the products before I join you!”

Yesterday’s blog addressed the objection “I don’t want to bug my friends!” In part 6 of the “Objection Series” we will address the objection “I need to try the products first!”

This is a totally valid concern–and your prospect may decide to try the product first (which is why it’s always a good idea to revisit your prospects–who are often times your best “product ambassador”) and say: “How are you loving the product? I am not sure if I shared, but as a distributor of the products I get them at wholesale price and make money by referring them to others too.


Today’s objection- “I don’t know enough people to be successful in network marketing!”

Yesterday’s blog addressed the objection “I’m not a salesperson!” In part 4 of the “Objection Series” we will address the objection “I don’t know anyone!”, or “I don’t have a large network!”, or “I don’t know anyone I can share this with!”

This is an objection I can personally relate to, because when I started my business I was a shy, broke, kindergarten teacher. I didn’t have a large network–most of my friends were young like me! Through personal and professional development I was able to establish a network, make new friendships (the most rewarding part of my business), and today I am a top network marketing leader, and we are six-figure MONTHLY earners (and the #1 earners in our company!)…