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Align With Your WHY


Does it drive you batty when people quit not long after they start with excitement?

Or how about when people are “wishy washy”?…in and out of the business, and lacking true commitment?

They say funny things like “I’m not going to go to convention unless I am this title….!” Yet you know that if they go to convention and get the skillset and mindset they need, they can move up the ranks!

The problem is not the business model–the problem is their lack alignment with their “Why”–they are chasing titles, programs, and timelines– and not really giving the business the time or commitment that it takes.

In today’s 10 minute talk I am going to talk to you about getting SERIOUS about your business (and your commitment to it)–because truth be told, you don’t need a new business opportunity this year–you just need a new commitment to your “WHY”!

Anything IS possible IF your reason WHY is big enough.

Here we GROW…


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