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Hey there rock stars–social media is my JAM! If you want to know how I recruited a couple of hundred people personally via social media (majority came to ME) then watch this 15 minute clip–and don’t forget to share it with the rock stars on your team:


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Curious on how to do Facebook events effectively in network marketing? Look no further! Today’s training will teach you  how to ROCK your network marketing business leveraging Facebook Events!


Watch this video, then look below for additional tips and challenges:

TIPS on Facebook events…


These FUN events will be online on a FB events page (convenient for those you invite) and a perfect opportunity for people to hear more about your company from the comfort of their home. Talk briefly about the products, the business, share incredible success stories, and do giveaways too! Share like you would at a home event, but this time via live video on Facebook, leveraging FB live, in your events (on your iPhone or iPad).…

Social Media Marketing For Network Marketing- How To Share Your Story Online

Hey there Rock Stars!

March is national reading month! As a former educator, turned top network marketing professional, I am passionate about storytelling! As network marketing professionals we are paid story tellers! So every Monday in March, I am going to give you FREE training on how to tell your story in a powerful, professional, and packaged way! In doing so, you will be able to attract more leaders to your business and/or product!  There will be special training on sharing your story via social media, recorded calls, videos, and much more!…

The Best of Social Media Strategy With Sarah Robbins

Hey there rock stars! Sarah “Rockin” Robbins here!

Welcome to our Social Media for Network Marketing Series! Every Monday we will be releasing FREE SOCIAL MEDIA TRAINING FOR NETWORK MARKETERS on the blog. Be sure to subscribe to our emails to be notified when a new training is released!

I’m the #1 earner, and a top recruiter every year in my company. One of the primary ways that I love to POWER PROSPECT for new leads in my business is through social media. I’m passionate about sharing these tips with others to help them build the business of their dreams!…

Hey there rock stars! Sarah “Rockin” Robbins here!

Welcome to our Social Media for Network Marketing Series! Every Monday we will be releasing FREE SOCIAL MEDIA TRAINING FOR NETWORK MARKETERS on the blog (sorry I’m late this week–Monday was my birthday!) Be sure to subscribe to our emails to be notified when a new training is released! It’s week three, and today we are talking about–How To Host Virtual Events in Network Marketing (perfect for helping launch your long-distance distributors, STRONG–or to pull in your long-distances prospects to your presentations!)

Watch the video to learn how to do this efficiently and effectively first, then read below on the blog, for more tips:


What is a VBL?

Hey there rock stars! Sarah “Rockin” Robbins here! Author of the best-seller “Rock Your Network Marketing Business” and creator the best-selling CD series “The Rock Star Recruiting School”! 

April is here–and it happens to be MY BIRTHDAY MONTH! If you know me personally, you know that my family goes all-out for birthdays, and we celebrate all month long!!! I decided that for this year’s birthday, I’d include all of you in the celebration, and give YOU a little gift–all month long (every Monday in April) I will be releasing a FREE training on a topic I love–SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING!

Today we kick off our social media marketing series with a little challenge–watch the video below, then read below it for more info on the challenge, and language to help you get started==>


INDIRECT APPROACH (*thanks to Amy Byrd for sharing this):

Hi Joanna!

How to Prospect Online (Online Lead Generation in Network Marketing)

Hey there Rock Stars! Welcome to the “Story Series”, where all month long we have been discussing how to package and present POWERFUL stories to help you in sharing more about your network marketing company and product.

Today’s topic is: How to Tell Your Story ONLINE! Watch this video first, then read below for more FUN info & a quick survey!

SAVE THIS LINK to watch more of my FREE social media trainings at your leisure!

Before you go–Quick Survey: Since prospecting online is my FAVORITE topic, *shout out below* if you’d like to see me do a whole series dedicated to prospecting online, during the month of April *(my birthday month–so it will be my gift to you!) Would this be valuable to you and your teams?…

Sharing Your Story On Social Media

Social Media is a powerful place to tell your “story”, as social media is now the #1 activity on the web! Recently, Facebook traffic surpassed Google traffic. What does this mean to our business? Since we are living in a social economy, who you know and what they have to recommend is more influential now than ever before! People trust their friend’s opinions and recommendations. Social media is a great tool of engagement to expose people to your business and products.

When using social media, create posts that engage and inspire, and people will want to follow you!…

Think social media is a fad? Think again!

Social Media is now the #1 activity on the web! How big are these networks? As of January 2013, the five largest social networks based on active monthly users were: Facebook (1 billion), YouTube (800 million) and Google+ (343 million) followed by Twitter and LinkedIn with 200 million active monthly users each. (TECHi)

If you’re not using social media (or using social media RIGHT) you are missing out on business. Plain and simple. How do I know? 93% of marketers use social media for business. (WordPress Hosting SEO). Recently Facebook traffic surpassed Google traffic, which means that people are searching out their favorite brands via social sites!…


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Pinterest is one of the fastest growing social sites, and an excellent place to market your product or service!

Watch this brief 6 minute video on how to effectively use Pinterest to build your network marketing or direct sales business:

Hope this helps with some “Pin-spriration”!

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