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Welcome to our Social Media for Network Marketing Series! Every Monday we will be releasing FREE SOCIAL MEDIA TRAINING FOR NETWORK MARKETERS on the blog, so be sure to subscribe to our emails to be notified when a new training is released! It’s week two, and today we are talking about– How NOT to use Social Media, and why some think network marketing is a little bit “scammy“, and a whole lot of “spammy“! 

Watch this video, then read below it for more on my thoughts on this hot topic=>

A “Teachable Moment” From a Former Teacher

A loving note to my fellow direct selling professionals–

I adore your ambition and commitment to growing your business.…

Hey there Rock Stars! Welcome to the “Story Series”, where all month long I will teach you how to package and present POWERFUL stories to share more about your network marketing company and product.

Today’s topic is: How To Use Stories To Train Your Network Marketing Team!

Have you ever noticed that when you go to a weekend long training event, the talks that you typically recall years later, are the ones that incorporated stories? Stories are what connect us emotionally to what we are hearing, and typically what we are able to recall–and what we share over and over again.…

Hey there Rock Stars! Welcome to the “Story Series”, where all month long I will teach you how to package and present POWERFUL stories to share more about your network marketing company and product.

Today’s topic is: How to Tell a Powerful Company Story! Watch this video first, then read below it for a complete outline on how to package (and practice) your POWERFUL “COMPANY STORY” (*you’ll note a few additional tips than what were mentioned in the video!)=>

Here they are the 5 P’s to talk about when presenting your business:

1) Partnership –talk about the company you’ve joined & why it would be a great for your prospect.…

Today concludes the “Love Series” on SarahRobbins.com. And I thought, why not end with a love story?

11 years ago, Phil (Mr. “Rockin Robbins”) and I were paying bills from our quarter jar, wondering how we would be able to afford a wedding (we pulled it off, on a very small budget!) We recently celebrated ten years of marriage, and we decided to recreate the “Day of our Dreams” with those we love.

There is so much to celebrate…because of our network marketing business, our lives have changed for the better. We are now able to live more, give more, and love our lives even more!…

The “LOVE” Series Continues.

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We all have a choice to remain rooted and grounded in our responding…

When we get that text that ticks us off; when we get that email that bugs us a bit… we have a choice to REACT or we can choose to RESPOND in love.

Reaction is an emotional decision often commanded by our emotions or exhaustion.

Responding is a thought out reply, emotions aside, leading with logic , love, and level-headedness.

Often times what you are going through is simply a test to see how you will remain rooted in your responding–and is a refining trial for YOU.…

Creating Culture in Network Marketing

Watch today’s video on “creating culture”! Then read the blog post below for more thoughts on why “what you do, will duplicate” in network marketing=>

Be a person of abundance and integrity. Do the right thing at all times. Honor your team, and each others teams. Model for your teams how to be abundant with everyone in the company– regardless of whether or not you financially benefit. Remember, at the end of our life, there will be no teams. Show honor, respect, and support–and prosperity is sure to follow.

Remember, what you do, will duplicate across your team!…


Hope you all had a great holiday weekend with family and friends! With network marketing, I love that every day can be a holiday–and that we can live a life that we truly LOVE every day!

Here’s why I believe Network Marketing truly ROCKS=>

This is a brilliant business model where instead of investing in advertising and celebrity endorsement, companies invest in our success. This opportunity allows us to leverage the integrity of big brands, and the time, talent and resources of our corporate dream teams.

Direct selling is a simple business model that doesn’t require a college degree, huge overhead, employees, or a brick and mortar shop.…

What will people think of me“??? Struggle with the disease to please?

Listen to this brief video message then read below the video for more=>

*NOTE: The video may be more business specific, but the blog text below it will bless anyone that is wanting to learn and grow in this area!


Let’s face it–in our business we face a LOT of rejection–people telling us “no”, people who leave the business, people who have opinions about the business, and some people may not celebrate our success or support our excitement along the way!

How we respond to opposition affects our outcome.…

Happy Holidays Rock Stars! Hope you’re having a great one! I love this time of year, as my top 2 volume producing leaders joined during the holiday season! It’s the perfect time of year to rock your network marketing business! People are looking to make extra money, pay down debt, and are starting to get into resolution mode (making money, bettering themselves) and you can provide the solutions to these common resolutions! In the spirit of the season, I want to share with you my “12 WAYS Of Networking”!


1) Work the Phones
Revisit your company memory jogger, your cell phone contacts, your Facebook friends, your service providers–who do you need to reach out to or revisit?…

Put Some Jingle In Your Pocket- Network Marketing Holiday Training

Would some bonuses help you to have a debt free holiday? Would you like to put some extra “jingle” in your pocket as you finish out 2013? Building your network marketing business during this time of year can be fun, festive, and extremely profitable! Let me show you how!


Here are a few of my holiday tips from the top, for building your Network Marketing Business:

1.) Give people the gift of your products or service:
There is no better way to market your products and business than to get your goods in the hands of as many people possible.…