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How do you respond when you are faced with challenges?

Do you tend to choose FAITH or FEAR?

Today’s talk will teach us how to be THANKFUL and GRATEFUL and set us up for the greatest BLESSING and BREAKTHROUGH in life and in leadership, even in the midst of a stormy season!

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Hey there rock stars! It’s month end–you know what that means? It’s time to make magic happen…it’s time to finish strong! Don’t underestimate the importance of a few more calls and follow ups!

Watch today’s FB Live teaching, then read below for a few more ideas on how you can close out your month, and finish strong!


5 Tips to Make “Month-End Magic” Happen=> 

1) Reach out to anyone who’s expressed an interest in the product:

“Earlier you mentioned interest in my products, and I am just following up to close out my month. Do you have a few minutes that I could give you a quick consultation and get you started on the product?

The Root of Rejection- how to face the fear of rejection: “no”, quitting, and conflict!

When you can’t change people (their opinions, their perception, their rejection)….it’s time you change YOU!

Today’s blog talks about how to uproot the “root of rejection” in your life, so you can prosper to the fullest!

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Are you in LOVE? And what does #NetworkMarketing have to do with it?


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Hey there rock stars!

February is our shortest month–but today on my FB  business page, I launched a challenge that can help you make it your BIGGEST month in sales, yet! If you missed the live video, check it out, then read below for language and ideas to help you ROCK this challenge (and don’t forget to share it with your teams!)

The secret to success in our biz? Daily activity and consistency…over time! That is why I am issuing you the same “activity challenge” I gave to my rock stars this month (who are the #1 team in our company!) It’s simple steps–but when duplicated with your team, can create massive momentum this month!…

3 Simple Tips To Finish Your Month STRONG!


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Hey there rock stars, Sarah “Rockin” Robbins–network marketing leader and author of the best-seller “Rock Your Network Marketing Business!”

Are you ready to ROCK YOUR NETWORK MARKETING BUSINESS THIS YEAR?! I know I am! To help you start strong, I created a simple, systematic FREE “back to basics” series (which will launch weekly in January) for my fellow network marketing Rock Stars (it’s good for any company–any product–any pay plan!)

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Rock Stars,

There are 7 days left to FINISH STRONG!

Whether you are going for title goals, promotions, helping your team achieve their goals…or you simply want to “Beat Your Best” month, there is plenty of time left! 7 days= 1/4 of the month!

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Below the video you’ll find my fun seasonal invite!


It’s not too late to put together a quick “Ghouls night out” for your friends this Halloween weekend, and text out a fun, informal invite!

My poem (keep in mind I am in a skincare company so you’d have to modify it to meet your needs):

(Ghouls night out!…

Hey there Rock Stars,

Today’s post is on Creating Culture (& Momentum) On Your Network Marketing Team.

Watch today’s video for tips on RECOGNITION, COMMUNICATION, and COLLABORATION which all contribute to the MOMENTUM on your team. The synergy and energy your team feels is a result of the culture that YOU create.

Whether you are a team of 1 or 1,000,001 you’ll want to watch this video:

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How to make the MOST out of company conventions and events…

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  1. Plug in: If your company has a live event option or virtual option to attend, GO! It’s the best investment you will make in your future, as it is THE company-wide training event of the year! I call it “School” for network marketing! This is where you get stellar training, build great relationships, and also experience all of the new exciting launches as they happen!
  2. Promote it: After you’re signed up promote the event to your team!