Social Media That Sells! Webinar

2 Hour Live Training With Sarah Robbins

2 Hour webinar

Social Media that Sells Master Class! 

Hey there, Rock Star!

Are you ready to ROCK your recruiting ONLINE? Get ready!
​​​​​​​In this webinar you will unlock…

  • Ideas of ways to meet new people online.

  • Language and ideas of how to reach out online + take it offline!

  • Ideas of power posts that have people coming to you!

  • How to sell without “selling” on social media:

    • Leverage live video

    • Rock Facebook posts + Facebook stories– Instagram Posts + Instagram stories!

    • Master the art of prospecting on Facebook and Instagram and

  • How to leverage social media to build a rockin’ team:

    • Host HOT virtual events (the #1 addition to my business recently! I’ll show how!) 

    • Use social media to train, engage, and motivate your team! 

      And so much more…you won’t want to miss this ONE TIME event!