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How to launch new markets virtually--You can successfully launch new markets if you’re long distance! I do it every day. How? Watch the video below–then read the blog below the video for a step-by-step approach=>

What is a VBL?–it is a cross between a live event and an opportunity call, and it allows you to present powerfully with your team from anywhere in the world. VBLs come in handy when you are growing a market out of state (or the country) and it allows you to support a growing team there!

Here’s the types of technology I like to use for virtual launches and presentations:

Skype or Google Hangout– (which have a video component).  …


Hey there Rock Stars ~* Sarah “Rockin” Robbins here!

I just got done training my team on how to launch their businesses with VBLS (Virtual Business Launches)–and I wanted to share with you some best practices and tips! Before I do–I want to announce the winner of my BIG BIRTHDAY GIVEAWAY that I shared on last week’s blog post!


The winner of 5 Network Marketing University CDs* to gift to you and your rock stars (*my 7-figure success system for Network Marketers, which you can find HERE) is…. LAURA WELLS! Way to go Rock Star! I talk more about launching a team successfully on these CDs…

Speaking of launches, today I want to talk to you about how to launch markets that are out of your area… with V.B.L.’s!…