Rock Your Recruiting Webinar

2 Hour Live Training With Sarah Robbins

2 Hour webinar and downloads

Learn from Sarah LIVE in a Master Class on RECRUITING–you’ll learn exactly how she personally recruited 300 people into her company–which led them to build a 300,000 person team and do over a BILLION dollars in sales last year!

Rock Your Recruiting Master Class (Webinar)

What the course will cover:

Hey there, Rock Star!

Are you ready to ROCK your recruiting? Get ready!
​​​​​​​In this webinar you will unlock…

  • Ideas of ways to meet new people

  • Language and ideas to reach out to your existing network

  • You’ll learn exactly what to say when power prospecting

  • Language on how to present powerfully

  • And how to get people OUT of your funnel and INTO your business, and RECRUIT LIKE A ROCK STAR!